Anime & Manga Guest Post – Ultimate Guide and Guest Post List

Anime and manga are extremely popular genres that come from Japan. Anime are animated films that mainly come from Japan. Manga are Japanese comics or graphic novels, which are done in a style that was first developed in the late 19th century. Both of these genres are highly popular in Japan and around the world.

As a result, there are many blogs on the topics of manga and anime. They cover various aspects of both genres, specific titles and characters, and more. Are you interested in anime and manga? Do you write on these topics? Do you have a blog on anime or manga? If so, and you’re looking for a way to increase traffic to your blog, why not consider writing guest posts for other blogs?

Guest posting isn’t as scary as it may sound. It’s just writing content for another blog, which has posts on anime and/or manga. Guest blogging has many benefits for you and your own blog:

  • Shares your expertise on the topic(s)
  • Establishes you as an authority
  • Build relationships with other bloggers/industry leaders
  • Gain exposure for your blog with a new audience
  • Earns more traffic to your own blog and website
  • And more

In the following section, we’ll discuss how to go about writing guest posts for anime and manga blogs. Let’s get started!

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How to write Anime/Manga Guest Posts

Writing a guest post isn’t only about choosing the right topic; it’s much more. First, you do the search to find those sites that align with your goals and target audience. Then you need to go through and make notes on the site, the guest post guidelines, etc. Try to determine which topics are relevant and of interest to the site readers, then craft an excellent, informative post. What’s more, it’s also necessary to create a post that fits in with the site’s voice and writing style.

Once you’ve done the homework (covered in the next section), then it’s time to begin working on the guest post. The goal is to write a guest post on anime or manga that’s on target and relevant for the site’s readers.

With that in mind, write your post so that it’s as good or even better than what you have on your own site. The topic should spur conversation & action, help people make decisions, and more. Here’s a list of topic ideas that can be great for anime and manga guest posts:

  • Lists: can be interesting for readers; examples: Top 10 Manga Ever; Best Anime from Japan, etc.
  • Reviews: write reviews of your favorite anime and manga genres/authors/creators and more.
  • Controversial posts: in this type of post, you take a controversial stance on your subject, which also resonates with the target audience.
  • Interviews: are another great way to create interesting guest posts

These aren’t the only topics you can write about but can help you find an idea that works for the blogs you’ve chosen for guest posting.

As you write, be sure to match the blog’s voice and writing style. This means you’ll need to adapt your voice and writing style to match (not exactly, but get pretty close) to that of the blog you’re writing the guest post for. And remember, if the site has a style guide, then follow it strictly. You may not have to fit precisely, but the style should match closely. This is because returning site readers have become used to a certain style and voice on the blog. Your guest post needs to fit in, making it comfortable for site readers. Your post will be more successful and shared more often if it matches the voice and style readers find familiar.

When choosing a topic, make sure to stay with a single topic and explore it in-depth within your post. You’ll need to gauge the depth of the topic with the word count required for each site. This means that for a 1,000-word post, you may only be able to cover the most essential aspects of the topic. However, if the guest post is longer, then you’ll have the opportunity to dive a little deeper into the topic.

At this point, we must remind you to avoid adding fluff to your guest post. This means staying away from information that’s only filler. Another thing to avoid is creating content that’s overly promotional. Some guest post bloggers try to promote their own brand and/or products. However, this will not resonate with the site or its readers. What they want and expect is relevant, interesting information they can use. So, avoid fluff or being too promotional in your guest post.

Here’s what you should focus on when writing a guest post:

  • Deliver value to the blog and its readers
  • Make the content interesting

When you start writing, aim to have a strong introduction to the guest post. This is done to hook your target audience into reading the rest of the post. You can start out with a question, stating a fact/statistics, identifying a problem, and more. You may also want to include information that this is a guest post, then tell a little bit about yourself. You can share a bit about your background and expertise in the subject matter. Let the readers know a little bit about you before jumping into the topic. Think of this entire process as telling a story.

As you write, consider referencing the blog owner’s content. This is a great way to help the blog owner develop some internal links to their own posts and provides valuable information for your readers. You can reference specific keywords and topics in your own post.

Remember your first efforts at writing the perfect guest post will be the first draft. You should never send in the first draft of your guest post. Instead, once it’s completed, leave the post overnight and then review it the next day. You’re sure to find some information to add that improves the post. You may decide a certain section belongs under a different heading and more. This is the editing phase.

Once the post is as you’d like it to be, then it will be necessary to go back and proofread. Then proofread again. You might even consider using the free version of Grammarly, or another proofreading service, to check your writing for mistakes. Sometimes having another pair of “eyes” can find mistakes you may miss in your own writing.

It’s recommended to let the post sit overnight or longer before sending it off. One more review doesn’t hurt! On the last review, ensure you’ve followed the guest posting guidelines for the anime or manga blog. If all looks correct, then it’s time to submit your guest post! Remember to follow the submission rules listed in the blog’s guest post guidelines. If you send the post to the wrong person or email address, you can bet it won’t be published.

How to find Anime/Manga Guest Post Opportunities

Before you get too excited about writing a guest post for another blog, there are a few things to consider. The very first thing to do is determine the reason/goals for guest blogging. These may include:

  • Building backlinks to your blog
  • Establishing yourself as an authority with expertise on the topic
  • Getting more traffic to your blog

Working through this exercise helps you determine which blogs are best to meet your goals. This way, your posts will be targeted rather than scattered across a wide range of blogs. The goal is to find the best blogs to help achieve your goals.

This exercise helps you find bloggers who are in a similar niche as your own blog. Your content needs to align with theirs, otherwise you won’t be able to reach your guest post blogging goals.

In addition, you can use these questions to help focus on those sites that are best for your guest posting efforts:

  • Does their topic closely align with yours?
  • Do they have social media feeds where they share blog posts regularly? (Here, look for social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.)
  • Do they regularly post on their own blog?
  • Does the blog have many active followers (is the content engaging readers)? (Look for comments and responses, if the posts are shared on other social media networks)

As you search for the right blogs, be sure to look only for those that are credible. Look for relevant content (similar topic to your own), which is also well-written and informative. Content should be original and optimized correctly. Look for those blogs that draw in your target audience.

When it comes to content on the right blogs, look for posts that are between 1000-3000 words long. These are the posts that tend to perform better when it comes to raking and earning high-level backlinks.

Next, check each blog for grammar and spelling mistakes. Content should also be easily readable. When a blog is high-quality, the company or person behind it ensures their posts are readable and contain no grammar or spelling mistakes. Avoid sites with these issues.

Look for sites that have limited ads. Sites covered in ads are usually seen as spammy by site visitors. Instead, look for blogs with a few ads that are well-placed rather than jammed into every corner of the page. Having a few ads is acceptable to most site visitors.

You may also want to check a blog’s ease of navigation. Navigation should be simple and easy to understand by the vast majority of site users. Logo and contact information should be easy to find, too.

Use this section to help you find the best blogs for your guest posts. Make sure to stick with the criteria that are important for your specific anime or manga topic. And choose blogs that provide topics similar to your own blog.

As you go through the search process, it can be helpful to start a spreadsheet to create a list of possible guest posting sites. You can use Excel, Google Sheets, or a spreadsheet from another software such as LibreOffice, as well as others.

When taking guest post notes, be sure to include as much information as possible. That way, you won’t have to keep going back to the site for information. This saves you time in the long run. Also, note down all contact information and names. Names are significant when contacting the site! However, not all sites will include names. In that case, look to see if a title is used, such as “editor, staff writer,” etc.

Be sure to pay special attention to the guest post guidelines and rules on each site. This is extremely important. You need to follow their rules exactly as laid out; if not, there’s a high probability your post will not be considered. So, always note down the guest post guidelines and then follow them to ensure your post has a better chance of being accepted. Keep in mind that some sites have loose guest posting rules, while others are highly specific. No matter what, always follow the guest posting rules perfectly. You’ll have a better chance of being accepted. Make notes on each site’s guest posting guidelines in your spreadsheet.

Now, to find these sites, you can use Google! Use search terms such as:

  • Keyword + submit a guest post
  • Keyword + guest post
  • Keyword + guest post by
  • Keyword + accepting guest posts
  • Keyword + guest post guidelines

To get the best list, it’s a good idea to use each of the search terms in Google’s search box. Then review the results before moving on to the next search time. And don’t hesitate to go back as far as page 3 to find some great places to guest post.

Another way to find guest posting opportunities in anime and manga is by using social media. This is because many bloggers and guest posters share their posts on these networks. You can search social media platforms such as Twitter, for instance, using the same search terms mentioned above.

When visiting each potential guest posting site, it’s always recommended that you review the content on the site. Look to see if the topics covered align with your own. Also, check to see if there are any gaps in the content or if there are topics that could use more relevant information. Always ensure the target audience is similar to your own. Another point to check is how other guest posts have done. Look for guest posts with plenty of comments and interactions, have been shared, etc. You might include this information in your spreadsheet, which keeps you from having to go back to the blog for more insights.

As you search for guest posting opportunities, aim to find at least five blogs where you may be able to guest post (though more is better). You may also want to focus on those that allow you to link back to your own blog or website. This may be done through the author-bio section. This way, readers will have a way to quickly and easily find your site if they’d like to read more. Be sure to include this information on your guest posting spreadsheet, too.

Once you’ve done all the homework, then you’re ready to begin working on your post, then pitching it to the sites on your list!

List of Anime/Manga Sites Accepting Guest Posts

In this section, we’ve gone ahead and done some research to help you find anime and manga sites currently accepting guest posts!

Keep in mind that this is a general list. You may find some sites in this list work for the topics you write about frequently. However, if not, then just follow the search guidelines included previously in the article. We’ve used those same guidelines to come up with this list! Let’s get started!

1). Otaku Fantasy

This site offers a wide range of blog topics on anime and manga. They do accept guest posts with these guidelines:

  • The guest post topic must be approved by the editor.
  • Content must be relevant to anime, geek, tech, and other related niches.
  • The guest post must be more than 1,000 words.
  • They will only link to one web page per post

2). 9 Tailed Kitsune

This is a site geared to both anime and manga. They accept guest posts from beginner and advanced writers. Their guest post guidelines include these specific details:

  • Your post must be original and not published anywhere else (including your own site).
  • The article must be high-quality.

The site does suggest that you may want to consider pitching your article first. This should be kept short and include:

  • A very brief introduction about yourself
  • Your guest post idea, as well as guest blogging duration & frequency (if you’d like to collaborate with them for more than one post)

They accept the following article types:

  • Anime recommendations
  • Facts about certain anime or characters
  • Anime reviews
  • Anime toys
  • Upcoming anime or anime news
  • Anime popularity rankings
  • Anything interesting related to anime or manga

In exchange for your guest post, the site will:

Give you two backlinks leading to your own site

In the event of a long-term collaboration, they will offer you an author box with a short bio, social links, and an avatar under each article.

On their guest post page, you’ll find specific instructions on how to submit the article.

3). AnimeGrill

This is a site based on all things anime, and they’re accepting guest posts. They have the following guidelines for guest posts:

  • Content should be fresh and accurate, as well as not published anywhere else on the Internet.
  • Content must contain proper images (they don’t provide details on what this means specifically, so you may want to contact them before submitting your post to learn what they’re looking for)
  • Your content must be grammatically correct
  • No plagiarism

In return for your guest post, you’ll receive a do-follow backlink to your site or blog.

One note, they say it can take up to 2 working days to hear back from them due to the large number of emails they receive. Even so, they do respond to each and every email.

When it comes to submitting your post, you can do so through their contact form on the URL listed above. Be sure your message title says “Guest Posting” or “Write for Us” in the subject line.

4). Anime Everything Online

This site is based on anime and accepts guest posts about this topic. They will accept these types of articles:

  • Anime recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Quotes
  • News
  • Anime games
  • List/review
  • Anything about anime

They ask that you pitch your post idea before submitting the guest post. You can include a short bio about yourself and your website/blog.

  • Your post must follow these guidelines:
  • Post must be limited to anime and anime-related topics
  • Your post must have at least 600 words
  • The guest post should not contain anything that is hateful, explicit sexual content
  • Your post should be unique and not published anywhere else
  • The topic you choose must not be covered on the site already

In return for your post, you’ll have the chance to promote yourself, your site, and social media channels. They also allow you to include affiliate links in the post (be sure to read their guidelines on these links). You’ll also receive a backlink to your site.

There you have it! We hope this guest post guide will help you find the best anime and manga sites for guest posting. And we wish you all the best in this endeavor!