A Guide to Anime Filler Episodes

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What is anime filler?

Most anime is based on popular Japanese comic books known as manga. In anime, a “filler episode” refers to any episode that was created for the anime series that was not found in the manga series.

Why does anime have filler episodes?

In many cases, the production of the anime series outpaces the manga. Anime studios produce filler episodes in order to buy time until the manga series catches up.

Why skip anime filler?

Because filler episodes usually don’t further the narrative and are designed only to fill time as they wait for the manga to produce new content.

How does NoFillerAnime.com help?

It’s our mission to provide up-to-date filler lists for the most popular anime series. Check out our anime filler list guides for a breakdown of which episodes in a series are canon or filler so you can skip to the good stuff!

Filler makes Kakashi mad…

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