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Accurate Representation of Anime Characters is an Art

Manufacturers of Anime figures spend countless hours and resources to perfect each figure you see on the market. A manufacturer can go through several prototypes before they have the final product. They do this to ensure that each figure is without flaw and accurately represents a specific character from your favorite Anime. To get each figure in tip top shape is truly an art form in of itself. A great example of this process can be seen with the several lines of Demon Slayer figures that are on the market today. The Grandline USA wants to take the time to show you how much this process pays off in the end! Our collection of Demon Slayer figures is truly exceptional, and we have several figures available for purchase on our website. In this post, we will go though a handful of figures we offer in store and online and how these figures represent their show counterparts with every detail!

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado FigureOur Prize Figure of Tanjiro Kamado, the main protagonist of Demon Slayer, is a truly exceptional Figure. In the Anime, Tanjiro evolves into a confident member of the Demon Slayer Corps. When he engages with a new demon, Tanjiro always stays determined to figure out how to defeat them. He wisely balances his energy, aggression, and technique in every fight, so he always comes out victorious. If you look at the figure of Tanjiro we have available, his facial expression perfectly represents these traits. He is determined, focused, and full of the right amount of rage to conquer his foe.

Every detail of our Tanjiro figure is a great representation of his Anime appearance as well. His trademark scar on his forehead is clearly visible on the figure. His clothing is also a very great representation as well. For this model, Bandai (the manufacturer) went with a more muted color scheme. His signature green and black checkered kimono is desaturated. Although not as vibrant as in the show, Bandai made this decision to give him a more realistic tone, and at The Grandline, we really appreciate this decision. If you have only read the Manga, perhaps this is how you visualized his color scheme. Regardless, Bandai took great lengths to make sure the style of the kimono visually justifies what you see on the screen.

Tanjiro is also posed beautifully in this model. He is depicted dashing through the air. His hair is swept back as if he is in full action. His clothing is also maliciously ruffled to add to this effect. This makes the figure more dynamic and fuller of action and life. He also has his famed Nichirin Katana swept down, which gives the pose an effect of Tanjiro dashing after a deadly sweep from his blade. He also sits snugly on a heightened base, so his pose always looks like it is in the middle of the action! Consider adding him to your collection or start one off as this makes the perfect starting point for one!

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado FigureThe Prize Figure we have of Nezuko Kamado is not only an accurate representation of her Anime counterpart, but an extremely elegant figure as well. She sports her usual attire of a pink kimono, checkered hanhaba obi, her long & dark brown haori, sandals, and her bamboo gag. Her eyes are kawaii as ever, painted on to show off her huge, pink colored irises. Her hair is designed in thick locks, with the ends of each lock colored with her signature orangish highlights. Her hair is also kept back on the left side of her face with her pink ribbon. On her hands, her claw-like nails are clearly visible on each fingertip. All these details on the figure are the same exact details she has depicted in the Anime.

Furthermore, her pose and facial expression of the figure match how Nezuko is in the show. When Nezuko is not in her Berserk Demon form, she is very calm and gentle, just like how she was before she was turned into a demon. The figure is posed standing upright in a very gentle manner. Her facial expression is gentle, however, her facial expression also seems very distant and disconnected, exactly how it is in the show. Bandai clearly took a lot of time to make sure this figure accurately represents Nezuko in every single way. This is an utterly amazing figure of Nezuko, and it is part of Bandai’s “Glamour & Glitters” figure line. This line of figures is given extra attention to make sure female Anime characters are made with an exceptional poses and extraordinary details. This is a figure in that line you do not want to miss out on!

Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho

Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho FigureIn the Anime so far, Shinobu Kocho gives off the facade of being extremely optimistic and cheerful (if you know her backstory, her personality must be a façade). She always carries a smile on her face and seems overly relaxed in every situation, even when fighting demons. The way she is posed and expressed in our figure perfectly embodies these traits. She has a faint smile on her face and her eyes are painted on to make her expression look as if she is happy. Her hand is gently touching the hilt of her katana while she has her fingers raised as if she is tapping the hilt or signaling quietness from everyone around. She is posed to appear to be delicately walking forward, in a very relaxed state as well.

Additionally, her attire perfectly matches her Anime & Manga attire. However, just as Tanjiro’s attire colors are muted, this figure has muted colors on her clothing which gives her a more “real life” look and style. She is cloaked in her butterfly wing patterned haori that previously belonged to her sister. Underneath her haori, she is wearing the standard Demon Slayer Corps. Uniform. Shinobu also has her iconic butterfly head decoration. Her katana is sheathed on the left hip and is designed just as it appears in the Anime. The grip on the hilt is colored green and the guard is segmented into four flower petals. Bandai even scaled the height of the figure a little shorter than most. She comes in at 4.75 inches tall but she is sure to be the perfect addition to your collection!

Fire Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku

Fire Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku FigureOne of the hottest figures at The Grand Line USA is our action posed figure of Kyojuro Rengoku. In the Anime & Manga, he is known to have a very cheerful personality and this figure perfectly captures that. His facial expression shows him with a slight grin on his face as he enters combat with a demon. His eyes are full of excitement and focus as well. Kyojuro is known for taking his job very seriously. His stance is wide, and his deadly katana is over his right shoulder, ready for a deadly swipe.

The detail that Bandai added to this figure beyond his expression and stance is superb as well. His hair looks exactly how it does in the show, yellow and frizzy with red highlights. He is wearing his standard Demon Slayer Corps. Uniform that is slightly paler compared to the rest of the uniforms worn. His haori is how it appears in the show as well: white with yellow-orange and red flame designs at the bottom of his haori. It is also designed to be flowing in the wind to add to the effect that he is about to unleash a deadly swipe. He is also wearing his red socks with a flame pattern that matches with his overall appearance.

His deadly Nichirin Blade is radiated with a red color and is inscribed with “Destroyer of Demons” in Japanese just like it is in the Anime. The hilt guard is shaped as a flame which perfectly matches his aesthetic and appearance. We are excited to be offering this figure to you because of how accurate this piece is to his show counterpart. It is the perfect time to get your hands on a Fire Hashira figure. Celebrate the release of the highly anticipated Demon Slayer movie with him! This figure will not disappoint you in the slightest!

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