We all have felt depressed at some point of our lives. We feel that our life is going nowhere and we don’t know what to do. Let us have a look at the best depressing anime quotes that can make you think about your life.

From the moment when Dandy said that he only had a year left to live to when Shinji was asking his father for help, but his father had already forgotten about him. We have got all the depressing quotes that you need right here.

There are times in our lives when we feel depressed and we don’t know what to do. That’s when we turn towards anime and watch those good moments which can make us laugh our hearts out. We have the best anime quotes for you right here so you can move on with your life and try to make it better than before.

10. “The thing I wished for destroyed my whole family. I brought all this suffering down on my family because I made a wish for my dad without knowing what he really wanted.” – Kyoko Sakura

This quote is from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and it is said by Kyoko Sakura, a magical girl who is trying to help the main character. It’s also a warning about wishing without thinking about what you’re wishing for. Kyoko wish had caused her family to be torn apart and destroyed which made her regret it.

9. “Humans die. Animals die. Plants die. Even soul reapers die. It’s the arch of the universe. Everything that comes to life eventually ceases to exist.” – Baraggan Louisenbairn

This quote is from Bleach, and it is said by Baraggan Louisenbairn, a hollow who allowed himself to be consumed by his zanpakuto so that he could increase his power. It’s about how everything dies, no matter if you are human or anything else.

8. “Remember what you said before? A normal person with a gun will wind up doing something he never thought himself capable of? No one in this world can truly hold himself separate from violence. Guns are literally within reach of anyone. Sadly that’s where we put our faith, in bullets rather than human kindness.”- Koko Hekmatyar

This quote is from Black Lagoon, and it is said by Koko Hekmatyar, a weapon dealer who has a lot of finesse about her. It’s about how everyone thinks they are good people, but then something bad happens and they would do something that they never thought they could do. Koko is basically saying that things can change really quickly, and no one is immune to it.

7. “The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they don’t wish to see anyone else suffer the way they did.” – Jellal Fernandes

This quote is from Fairy Tail, and it is said by Jellal Fernandes, a former magic council member who has a lot of darkness inside of him. It’s about how the people who have gone through the most pain are usually the best ones to be around. The more you suffer in life, the more you know how to make other people feel better.

6. “The scariest thing about killing people is getting used to it! When you kill someone and realize you won’t be punished… That’s when people forget all about punishment.” – Rentaro Satomi

This quote is from Black Bullet, and it is said by Rentaro Satomi, a military officer who has a lot of faith in himself. He’s talking about how you think that when you do something bad you will be punished for it. But the truth is that nothing will happen to you if you are punished for something bad.

5. “All this time, I seriously thought that it’s better to die than to live your life alone.” – Kirito

This quote is from Sword Art Online, and it is said by Kirito, a player who has been trapped in an RPG game that makes him do terrible things. It’s about how he thought that dying was better than living on your own, but he eventually changes his mind. Kirito has to make some very hard decisions in order to live.

4. “I think death is equally terrible for everyone. Young people, old people, the good, the bad; it’s always the same. It’s rather fair in its treatment. There’s no such thing as a particularly terrible death, that’s why it’s frightening.” – Sunako

This quote is from Higurashi: When They Cry, and it is said by Sunako, a girl who has a lot of issues with her family. It’s about how everyone dies the exact same way, which makes it scary for everyone. There are no special death for some people and that is what makes death scary.

3. “There are people in this world who don’t understand that what they consider a harmless prank can deeply hurt someone else.” – Mio Nishizono

This quote is from Charlotte, and it is said by Mio Nishizono, a girl who has a lot of passion in her. It’s about the power of words that you use to hurt others. Mio’s words hurt a lot of people, and she felt bad about it. But she was eventually able to accept it and move on.

2. “You idiot. You’d gotten yourself up in a tizzy about romance, right? “Love” you experience in that state is just self-delusion. There’s no point in getting depressed over love like that.” – Kyouya Sata

This quote is from the anime Ouran High School Host Club which is about a girl who through an accident ends up working at a host club. She has to learn how to act like a girl and deal with her feelings for the hosts. This quote is said by Kyouya Sata to the main character, Haruhi Fujioka. It’s about how love can be hard to understand but in the end it doesn’t matter if you think you love someone or not no matter what you can always find someone to love or even find love from the person you thought you loved.

1. “Living is anxiety and pain. It’s continuing to think, continuing to choose.” – Alcor

This quote is from the anime Scrapped Princess which tells the story of a sister and brother who’s father is trying to destroy the world. This quote is said by Alcor, one of three goddesses who has come to earth to kill the siblings. It’s about how even though living on Earth is hard, you still have to live your life because if you don’t then it’s no longer your life.

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