An amine’s popularity largely depends on its character. The script or animation is not the deciding factor popularity among viewers decides which the best character is. Much like other entertainment sectors, the landscape of anime is ever-changing, and the studios try to find a niche with various innovative artworks. The anime characters also try to grab the attention of the audience. With time some rise in the rank, while others fall. New characters like Naruto`sKakashiHatake and Jujutsu Kaisen`s Satoru Gojo are inching into the top twenty list of favorite anime characters. If you think you know all the top twenty characters take the anime quizzes.

The Landscape of Anime Is Ever-Changing

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Netflix Anime 

Hunter x Hunter is the top Netflix anime character. This is a saga of a young boy named GonFreecss who thought his father was dead but found him alive. This encourages him to be a hunter, takes missions to find missing people, solve mysteries, preserving ancient knowledge. Hunter x Hunter is a classic shounen anime implying the main character is created for a young audience. Perhaps the 2011-2014 series are the most beloved manga series. Take the manga quizzes if you think you forgot the storyline or are unaware of the character.


The next popular character is Naruto. Though Netflix shows half of the episodes, it is worth watching. This is a narrative of a young boy possessed by a fox soul, who frightens the town on the day of birth of the boy. The boy wants to be a world-class Ninja and to be beloved by everyone. He finds his mentor, gets trained by him, and returns to the village as a young Ninja. He undertakes many grave adventures to challenge their morality and bond. It is a showcase of Great War scenes and amazing natural power that emerge from his heart. It is the story of bravery, friendship, and bond that bind people and nations together.

Black Butler 

Mysteries always fascinate humans and become more overwhelming if slashed with supernatural powers. Not every narrative in the genre is thrilling, but when it comes to Black Butler, it gives Goosebumps. Every fan wants to inherent attributes of Black Butler. Take the anime character test to reveal which Black Butler character is most close to your heart and why. This story is about a man named CielPhantomhive and his strange-looking butler called Sebastian Michaelis. Ceil is a twelve-year boy who is immersed in the job, oblivious of the outer world. The butler accompanies him like a shadow.

Apparently, everything appears tranquil, but beneath there is the storm. An inferno engulfed Ciel`s parents and dog. The unfortunate incident did not stop here. He was abducted by a clan that worshipped demons; they wanted to sacrifice the lad to appease the evil spirit. To save himself from the catastrophe, he offered his soul to grant life and avenge his family. The contract was accepted by the devil, and a symbol was embedded in his right eye. The adventure starts when Ceil and his butler try to identify the villain and the architect of the blaze that took the life of his parent and pet.

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