The best anime quotes are the ones that convey a message and make you think hard about it. There are some anime quotes which make you feel as if the character in the anime was talking to you. These quotes can become your inspiration and motivation if you actually listen to them and understand their meaning.

We have a list of some of the top dark anime quotes that you should hear if you want to understand what is happening around you. Be warned that some of them are not as light-hearted as you might think.

Let’s take a look at the list of 10 best dark anime quotes.

10. “War never changes. It always sucks. Why would anyone ever choose to be a part of one? I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand those people.” – Ryner Lute

This quote is from Legend of the Legendary Heroes and it really does sum up war perfectly. The main character of the series, Ryner Lute, is a pacifist, which makes him an outsider in a world where people are willing to kill and die for glory. Ryner Lute’s quote is a statement against war and the violent nature of humans.

9. “Men are not men on the battlefield. We turn into some other creature. you can do the cruellest things… It doesn’t even matter if it’s an order or not. To protect yourself, your mind shuts out any emotions you have. It’s like a steel door. But once the war is over, you can’t keep it closed forever.” – Edward Elric

This quote is from Fullmetal Alchemist and it pretty much sums up the typical soldier mentality. When you are in combat, there are no rules and you have to do whatever it takes to survive. The people who become soldiers are usually very tough people, which is why they can do such terrible things without suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

8. “Then let me ask you, if your God would allow my madness to flourish across the globe, then wouldn’t it seem to you that any god like that would be just as mad as I?” – Montana Max

This quote is from Tiny Toon Adventures, but it could easily be used in the real world. When people talk about God or religion, they always talk about how good God is. They never consider the fact that there might be a bad side to God. The idea of a good God is more comforting than the idea of an evil God, which is why we all ignore the bad side of religion.

7. “If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.” – Lain Iwakura

This quote is from Serial Experiments Lain and it’s a perfect description of how some people live their lives. There are people in the world who are so afraid of death that they will do anything to be remembered by others. These people will sacrifice their happiness, freedom and even their lives to be remembered.

6. “When do you think people die? When they are shot through the heart by the bullet of a pistol? No. When they are ravaged by an incurable disease? No. When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom? No! It’s when… they are forgotten.” – Dr Hiruluk

This quote is from Hunter X Hunter and it describes the harsh reality of mortality in a very poetic way. Losing someone you love is always hard, but it’s even harder when that person is forgotten by the world. The worst thing about death isn’t the fact that you will no longer exist, but the fact that everyone else will forget about you.

5. “Doctor Tenma, for you all lives are created equal, that’s why i came back to life. But you’ve finally come to realize it now, haven’t you? Only one thing is equal for all, and that is death.” – Johan Liebert

This quote is from Monster and it comes from a serial killer who believes that some people are better than others. The quote can also be used to describe your life if you have an inferiority complex. If you don’t believe that you are worth anything, then you will treat others as if they are less important than you.

4. “I bet dead people are easier to get along with.” – Crona

This quote is from Soul Eater and it comes from a young girl who has lost all of her memories. It’s easy to get along with the dead because they can no longer hurt your feelings or disappoint you. The worst thing about being alive is having to deal with other people, which is why people like being dead so much.

3. “I think death is equally terrible for everyone. Young people, old people, the good, the bad; it’s always the same. It’s rather fair in its treatment. There’s no such thing as a terrible death, that’s why it’s frightening.” – Sunako

This quote is from Vampire Knight and it describes the fear of death in a very unique way. You shouldn’t be afraid of dying because there is nothing to be afraid of. Death is just like being born for the first time. Everyone has to die, but no one knows what happens after they die.

2. “All animals get thrown away when they are no longer wanted. You don’t think so?” – Makoto Sawatari

This quote is from Paranoia Agent and it describes how disposable people can be if they are not useful to society anymore. The quote can also be used to describe how society treats homeless people. If you are poor and mentally unstable, then you might as well be dead in the eyes of most people.

1. “I’ve made a contract with the devil, so I can’t be friends with a god.” – Lelouch Lamperouge

This quote is from Code Geass and it shows how Lelouch feels about himself. This quote can also be used to describe someone who feels like they don’t deserve to be happy after doing something wrong.

If you make a contract with the devil, then you must have known that you were going to burn in hell.

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