Black clover is an action, comedy, and magic anime created by Yūki Tabata. Set in a fictional world where magical beings known as wizards live and fight each other, the series follows the adventures of a teenage boy named Asta who aims to become the Wizard King.

Black Clover Plot

Black clover is about Asta, who lost his right arm and left leg due to an attack by the late Demon Lord, wants to become the Wizard King. Asta grew up with no one else but the orphanage where he was raised and was ridiculed for being born without magical powers. After being laughed at again, Asta encountered a young boy named Yuno. Despite the difference in their social status, they became friends after learning that they both have an anti-Magic affinity. Asta decides to join the Black Clover Magic Knights’ training school, Clover Kingdom’s most potent magic academy, which only has ten seats available for each generation. Asta must overcome his weakness and learn how to control his anti-magic powers to achieve his dream of becoming Wizard King.

In the first season, Asta’s close friend Yami Sukehiro is chosen as one of the ten students and will be trained by Magic Knight Captain Julius Novachrono, who used to be a famous knight until he retired due to an injury to his right arm. Besides, there are two other candidates from the Clover Kingdom: Noelle Silva and Gauche Adlai, while three more are from the Re-Estize Kingdom: Luck Volta, Fana, and Licht.

The second season will be about Asta’s tale of rising from the Black Bull squad’s bottom to becoming a Wizard King. Simultaneously, the young Black Clover members must protect their kingdom from an invasion by an enemy organization.

How Much Filler is in Black Clover?

Updated on November, 8 2021

The manga started in June 2012, while the anime began airing in October 2016 and is still going with two seasons and 170 episodes. There are a total of 13% filler episodes in Black Clover with 22 fillers.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

1, 3-7, 10-28, 30-65, 67, 70-81, 83-101, 103-122, 126-130, 132-133, 136-141, 149-170

Filler Episodes

2, 8-9, 29, 66, 68-69, 82, 102, 123-125, 131, 134-135, 142-148

Complete Filler List

Episodes 1-10

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1Asta and YunoCanon10/3/17
2A Young Man's VowMostly Filler10/10/17
3To the Royal Capital!Canon10/17/17
4The Magic Knights Entrance ExamCanon10/24/17
5The Road to the Wizard KingCanon10/31/17
6The Black BullsCanon11/7/17
7Another New MemberCanon11/14/17
8Go! Go! My First MissionMostly Filler11/21/17
9BeastsMostly Filler11/28/17

Episodes 11-20

#Episode TitleTypeAired
11What Happened One Day in the Castle TownCanon12/12/17
12The Wizard King SawCanon12/19/17
13The Wizard King Saw, ContinuedCanon12/26/17
15The Diamond MageCanon1/16/18
18Memories of YouCanon2/6/18
19Destruction and SalvationCanon2/13/18
20Assembly at the Royal CapitalCanon2/20/18

Episodes 21-30

#Episode TitleTypeAired
21Capital RiotCanon2/27/18
22Wild Magic DanceCanon3/6/18
23The King of the Crimson LionsCanon3/13/18
26Wounded BeastsCanon4/3/18
28The One I've Set My Heart OnCanon4/17/18
30The Mirror MageMostly Canon5/1/18

Episodes 31-40

#Episode TitleTypeAired
31Pursuit over the SnowCanon5/8/18
32Three-Leaf SproutsCanon5/15/18
33To Help Somebody, SomedayCanon5/22/18
34Light Magic vs. Dark MagicCanon5/29/18
35The Light of JudgementCanon6/5/18
36Three EyesCanon6/12/18
37The One with No MagicCanon6/19/18
38The Magic Knight Captains ConferenceCanon6/26/18
39Three-Leaf SaluteCanon7/3/18
40A Black Beach StoryCanon7/10/18

Episodes 41-50

#Episode TitleTypeAired
41The Water Girl Grows UpCanon7/17/18
42The Underwater TempleCanon7/24/18
43Temple Battle RoyaleCanon7/31/18
44The Pointlessly Direct Fireball and the Wild LightningCanon8/7/18
45The Guy Who Doesn't Know When to QuitCanon8/14/18
47The Only WeaponCanon8/28/18
48Despair vs. HopeCanon9/4/18
49Beyond LimitsCanon9/11/18
50End of the Battle, End of DespairCanon9/18/18

Episodes 51-60

#Episode TitleTypeAired
51Proof of RightnessCanon9/25/18
52Whoever's Strongest WinsCanon10/2/18
53Behind the MaskCanon10/9/18
54Never AgainCanon10/16/18
55The Man Named FanzellCanon10/23/18
56The Man Named Fanzell ContinuedCanon10/30/18
58The Battlefield DecisionCanon11/13/18
59Flames of HatredCanon11/20/18
60Defectors' AtonementCanon11/27/18

Episodes 61-70

#Episode TitleTypeAired
61The Promised WorldCanon12/4/18
62Bettering One AnotherCanon12/11/18
63Not in the SlightestCanon12/18/18
64The Red Thread of FateCanon12/25/18
65I'm HomeCanon1/8/19
66The Secret of the Eye of the Midnight SunFiller1/15/19
67A Fun Festival Double DateCanon1/22/19
68Battle to the Death?! Yami vs. JackFiller1/29/19
69The Briar Maiden's MelancholyMostly Filler2/5/19
70Two New StarsCanon2/12/19

Episodes 71-80

#Episode TitleTypeAired
71The Uncrowned, Undefeated LionessCanon2/19/19
72Saint Elmo's FireCanon2/26/19
73The Royal Knights Selection TestCanon3/5/19
74Flower of ResolutionCanon3/12/19
75Fierce BattleCanon3/19/19
76Mage XCanon3/26/19
77Bad BloodCanon4/2/19
78Peasant TrapCanon4/9/19
79Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle BrainsCanon4/16/19
80Special Little Brother vs. Failed Big BrotherCanon4/23/19

Episodes 81-90

#Episode TitleTypeAired
81The Life of a Certain ManCanon4/30/19
82Clover Clips: The Nightmarish Charmy Special!Filler5/7/19
83Burn It into YouCanon5/14/19
84The VictorsCanon5/21/19
85Together in the BathCanon5/28/19
86Yami and VangeanceCanon6/4/19
87Formation of the Royal KnightsCanon6/11/19
88Storming the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Hideout!!!Canon6/18/19
89The Black Bull HideoutCanon6/25/19
90Crazy Magic BattleCanon7/2/19

Episodes 91-100

#Episode TitleTypeAired
91Mereoleona vs. Rhya the DisloyalCanon7/9/19
92The Wizard King vs. the Leader of the Eye of the Midnight SunCanon7/16/19
93Julius NovachronoCanon7/23/19
94New FutureCanon7/30/19
96The Black Bulls Captain vs. the Crimson Wild RoseCanon8/13/19
97Overwhelming DisadvantageCanon8/20/19
98The Sleeping LionCanon8/27/19
99The Desperate Path Toward SurvivalCanon9/3/19
100We Won't Lose to YouCanon9/10/19

Episodes 101-110

#Episode TitleTypeAired
101The Lives of the Village in the SticksCanon9/17/19
102Two MiraclesMostly Filler9/24/19
103Release from MisfortuneCanon10/1/19
104Lightning of Rage vs. FriendsCanon10/8/19
105Smiles, TearsCanon10/15/19
106Path of Revenge, Path of AtonementCanon10/22/19
107The Battle for Clover CastleCanon10/29/19
108Battlefield DancerCanon11/5/19
109Spatial Mage BrothersCanon11/12/19
110The Raging Bull Joins the Showdown!!Canon11/19/19

Episodes 111-120

#Episode TitleTypeAired
111The Eyes in the MirrorCanon11/26/19
112Humans Who Can Be TrustedCanon12/3/19
113Storming the Shadow PalaceCanon12/10/19
114The Final InvadersCanon12/17/19
116The Ultimate Natural EnemyCanon1/7/20
117Breaking the SealCanon1/14/20
118A Reunion Across Time and SpaceCanon1/21/20
119The Final AttackCanon1/28/20

Episodes 121-130

#Episode TitleTypeAired
121Three ProblemsCanon2/11/20
122As Pitch Black as It GetsCanon2/18/20
123Nero Reminisces... Part OneFiller2/25/20
124Nero Reminisces... Part TwoFiller3/3/20
126The Blue Rose's ConfessionCanon3/17/20
128To the Heart Kingdom!Canon3/31/20
129The Devil MegiculaCanon4/7/20
130The New Magic Knight Squad Captains' MeetingCanon4/14/20

Episodes 131-140

#Episode TitleTypeAired
131A New ResolveFiller4/21/20
132The Lion AwakensCanon4/28/20
133The Lion Awakens, ContinuedCanon7/7/20
134Those Who Have Been GatheredFiller7/14/20
135The One Who Has My Heart, My Mind, and SoulFiller7/21/20
136A Black Deep-Sea StoryCanon7/28/20
137Charmy's Century of Hunger, Gordon's Millennium of LonelinessCanon8/4/20
138In Zara's FootstepsCanon8/11/20
139A Witch's HomecomingCanon8/18/20
140A Favor for JuliusCanon8/25/20

Episodes 141-150

#Episode TitleTypeAired
141The Golden FamilyCanon9/1/20
142Those RemainingFiller9/8/20
143The Tilted ScaleFiller9/15/20
144Those Who Wish to Destroy DevilsFiller9/22/20
146Those Who Worship DevilsFiller10/6/20
148Become the Light That Illuminates the DarknessFiller10/20/20
149Two Things to Look forCanon10/27/20
150The Challenge of the MaidensCanon11/3/20

Episodes 151-160

#Episode TitleTypeAired
151Clash! Battle of the Magic Knight Captains!Canon11/10/20
152To Tomorrow!Canon11/17/20
153The Chosen OnesCanon11/24/20
154Vice-Captain Langris VaudeCanon12/1/20
155The 5 Spirit GuardiansCanon12/8/20
156Awakening PowerCanon12/15/20
157The Five-Leaf CloverCanon12/22/20
158The Beginning of Hope and DespairCanon1/5/21
159Quiet Lakes and Forest ShadowsCanon1/12/21
160The Messenger from the Spade KingdomCanon1/19/21

Episodes 161-170

#Episode TitleTypeAired
161Zeno's PowerCanon1/26/21
162The Great War Breaks OutCanon2/2/21
163Dante vs. The Captain of the Black BullsCanon2/9/21
164Battlefield: Heart KingdomCanon2/16/21
165Water CrusadeCanon2/23/21
166Captain Yami SukehiroCanon3/2/21
167Black OathCanon3/9/21
168Stirrings of the StrongestCanon3/16/21
169The Devil-Binding RitualCanon3/23/21
170Faraway FutureCanon3/30/21

List of filler episodes for Black Clover in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 29: Path

The episode begins with a flashback of Asta and Yuno in the orphanage, where Asta is being scolded by the headmaster for his reckless actions, while Yuno is just watching from the sidelines. The headmaster then asks Yuno to make sure that Asta learns to stay away from danger, because they don’t want to lose another child. The next scene then shows them all grown up, with Asta in the Black Bulls base while Yuno is training outside.

Meanwhile, at an inn in Hage Village, Noelle and Nero are having a drinking session (so technically just Nero), reminiscing about their time in the Black Bulls and missing it. After some time though, Noelle starts asking Nero why he didn’t go back to see his family. Nero then reveals that he has a family but chose to leave them behind because he was ashamed of what happened to him as a child – that his mother was killed by bandits while she was out looking for food for him and his father went crazy after seeing her death – so he can’t face them and doesn’t want them getting involved with him either. After hearing this story, Noelle tells Nero that she understands his feelings, but that doesn’t mean that he should just give up on his family.

The episode is a filler. It explains how Asta and Yuno are famous/infamous around the Clover Kingdom, and it shows us how they were seen by their fellow villagers in the orphanage. This filler episode also lets us see some of the relationship between Noelle and Nero, as well as some of the interactions between Noelle and Gordon. As for why this is a filler episode, it’s pretty obvious: they didn’t add any new information to the main plot, which was why Asta and Yuno are in the Black Bulls in the first place. Also, in this episode, we see that Gordon has a secret. This secret is also related to Asta, but this will be revealed next week.

Episode 66: The Eye of the Midnight Sun’s Secret

The Royal Knights of Black Bull have a difficult time fighting against the group that attacked Nairn because they have magic that allows them to move at incredible speeds. To make matters worse, a group of people who were previously unable to fight due to their lack of magic are now able to use magic thanks to mysterious rings that were given to them by an unknown benefactor.

All Might is also seen fighting against one of these new magic users, and he has a difficult time dealing with her because she always dodges his attacks. Meanwhile, Asta and Yuno wonder why they lost control of their magic during their fight at Nairn and just why are they being hunted?

Finally, Jack Rakan arrives in the Seabed Temple in order to destroy it while all its inhabitants are trying to protect it. However, Jack Rakan is not convinced that he should do this because there might be some good people inside too.

As if on cue, Asta and Yuno arrive accompanied by various members from the Black Bulls who attempt to stop Jack Rakan. However, the Black Bull members are easily defeated by Jack Rakan, who proceeds to continue his attack.

This episode is a filler episode. As the Black Clover anime moves towards the end of the season, it has already covered most of the major plot points and is now focusing on recapping what happened in the future episodes. This can be seen in how this episode shows clips from previous episodes, similar to a montage or recap, while also adding commentary to show what will happen in later episodes.

Episode 68: Battle to the Death?! Yami VS Jack

The episode begins with Yami and Jack playing a board game. After Yami wins, Jack becomes angry and casts a spell that transforms Yami into a dog, which is common in this series. The spell also prevents Yami from using his magic, which gives Jack the upper hand.

Jack gloats at Yami for losing the game. However, he loses his cool when Noelle arrives and begins to cry about Asta. She asks why Asta didn’t come to the Star Festival since he has been training so hard everyday, but she doesn’t receive any answers.

When Noelle leaves, Jack decides to capture her by casting a spell on her that turns her into a piece for their board game. He then tells her that if she ever wants to see Asta again then she should just lose the game against him in eight turns or less. Meanwhile, Noelle is sitting next to Licht who has lost his voice after inhaling too many smoke bombs during his fight with another mage. He explains that his opponent was using one of the strongest spells in their arsenal and that he would have died if it wasn’t for Asta and Yami saving him at the last second.

Well, it’s a short story (somewhere around 10 minutes long) that isn’t really connected to the main plot at all. Furthermore, the majority of the episode is spent on a side character that most of us don’t really care about. Asta and Noelle don’t even have any appearances in this episode!

The best part of this episode is probably when Yami finally gets free from Jack’s spell and kicks some ass. Jack was never likable, so Yami just beating him up is cute. I like that he made sure to apologize to Noelle first before leaving. The worst part of this episode is definitely when Noelle calls out Asta in front of everyone, saying how she doesn’t want him to be her friend anymore because she hasn’t been able to make any friends yet! I’m usually pretty good at suspending my disbelief, but a six-year-old girl asking her friend to stop being friends with her? That’s just a little too much for me.

This is a filler episode, all right. It’s great that the anime staff are taking a short break from the main plot, but it does feel like they’re stretching out a simple premise to make this into an episode. The animation isn’t even that good compared to the usual quality for this series. But hey, at least we get to see Yami punch Jack in the face!

Episode 82: Petit Clover! The Nightmarish Charmy SP!

Charmy, one of the new characters introduced in this season, is a young kid who is always hungry. She wanders off to get more food after the tournament has ended, and eats a hallucinogenic mushroom. She then suffers a series of nightmares based on Petit Clover shorts, including a couple of them that were already featured during the main plot earlier in the season.

This is filler because it takes place outside of the main story arc and doesn’t contribute to it in any way. Filler episodes are side stories that are usually not important to the main plot and take place outside of it. Filler is typically used to pad out seasons or give viewers time to rest between arcs or seasons.

Episode 123: Nero Reminisces… Part One

The episode starts with the narration of Secre Swallowtail being tested by Commandant Alexei to become a member of the Black Bull squad. He is put through various trials, and the final one, a race against another candidate, Manko. However, it’s revealed that Manko is actually Secre’s closest friend at the time.

As they run and reach the finish line hand-in-hand, Secre stops and tells Manko that he can’t make it without him. He then insists that they both go back to their home country, but Manko refuses to leave his best friend behind.

Instead of going back home with Secre, Manko decides to stay with him at the base of Black Bull. As they wait for someone to come pick them up from the base, Secre asks why he didn’t want to go back home with him.

Manko reveals that he’s been preparing for this day ever since he witnessed his parents die in front of him as a little boy. To protect himself from more harm and death in his life, he trained his body as well as his mind in order to become a strong mage.

Secre is then told that Manko has always been following his every move. Secre is shocked because he’s never noticed his friend spying on him.

The episode opens with a recap of the events so far, and a brief discussion on the history of Secre Swallowtail. However, there’s nothing else to be said about this episode. It’s a filler.

Episode 124: Nero Reminisces… Part Two

Secre Swallowtail tells the story of how the Elf Tribe was reincarnated into the Black Bull base.

The Elf Tribe moved into a village, where a young thieving boy named “Gale” lived. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor, which he did as even though his family was poor, they had an abundance of food. However one day, he attempted to steal from Secre Swallowtail’s house. She caught him in the act and confronted him with two Elves, one of which look exactly like Asta, while the other has horns like Noelle’s.

Secre then took Gale home and gave him food and money to help his family. Gale felt guilty about stealing from her and decided that he needed to repay her somehow, so he went out to find work in order to give her money back.

While Gale was out looking for work, Secre’s house caught on fire. While she was enjoying some time with her children she noticed smoke coming from somewhere inside her home but thought little of it at first until she noticed it coming from her room with her children inside it. She ran in there to save them but couldn’t due to there being too much smoke.

This is a filler episode because it’s not part of the main plot and it doesn’t advance the plot of Black Clover.

This filler episode is mostly intended for character development purposes, to showcase how Secre manages to still have a positive attitude despite losing her entire family.

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