Seven Deadly Sins is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. The Seven Deadly Sins manga began its serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on October 2012.

The Seven Deadly Sins manga has a total of 50 volumes in print as of February 2018, with the 51st volume releasing on March 9, 2018. The Seven Deadly Sins manga is licensed for an English language release by Kodansha Comics USA and is simulpubbed worldwide on Crunchyroll, who releases new chapters within one hour of their release in Japan. The series has been collected into 24 tankōbon volumes, which were released between June 4, 2013 and July 5, 2018.

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Renewal Status: The Seven Deadly Sins anime was renewed for a second season during the Fall 2017 anime season. News broke about the show’s renewal on December 1st, 2017 by way of a promotional poster for the second season that listed Crunchyroll as one of the streaming platforms where fans could watch the show outside Japan.

Seven Deadly Sins Plot

The Seven Deadly Sins were once an active group of knights in the region of Britannia (present-day Great Britain). Their supposed defeat by the Holy Knights 100 years ago caused their reputation to become tarnished, and now the Seven Deadly Sins are regarded as little more than a myth. Their supposed defeat came at the hands of the Holy Knights, but it was later revealed that they actually defeated themselves and had to sacrifice their own leader Meliodas to seal away their sins.

Without their leader, Meliodas, they became known as “The Seven Deadly Sins” for breaking the commandments set forth by the Goddesses, and were trapped in an enchanted prison called Purgatory for hundreds of years. The group escaped during Elizabeth’s kidnapping by Hendrickson and brought back to Liones by Merlin where they attempt to protect her from Hendrickson who wishes to capture Elizabeth and use her pure soul to revive his master, Zaratras.

During a fight with Hendrickson, Diane manages to knock him out with her enchanted weapon Dreyfus which sends them both flying over a cliff that separates her from the others. When she awakes she discovers that Dreyfus is gone but gains a new power that allows her to sense the presence of other beings around her. Elizabeth’s attempts to prove that she is a pure soul to the Goddesses leads her to discover that she is really the reincarnation of Zaratras’s lover, Elizabeth. The discovery leads Zargas’s former lover, Zeldris, and his brother Meliodas, to attempt to kidnap her in order to use her powers to revive Zaratras.

How Much Filler is in Seven Deadly Sins?

Last Updated: November 8, 2021

The Seven deadly sins series has a remarkably high filler episode rate. There are a total of 100 episodes in the series, and there are a total of 4 episodes which are filler episodes, which gives it a score of 4% filler episodes.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

1-24, 29-100

Filler Episodes


Complete Filler List

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1The Seven Deadly SinsCanon10/05/2014
2The Sword of the Holy KnightCanon10/12/2014
3The Sin in the Sleeping ForestCanon10/19/2014
4A Little Girl's DreamCanon10/26/2014
5Even If You Should DieCanon11/02/2014
6The Poem of BeginningsCanon11/09/2014
7A Touching ReunionCanon11/16/2014
8The Fearsome PursuerCanon11/23/2014
9Dark PulseCanon11/30/2014
10Vaizel Fight FestivalCanon12/07/2014
11Pent-Up FeelingsCanon12/14/2014
12Bloodcurdling CannonCanon12/21/2014
13The Angel of DestructionCanon01/11/2015
14A Reader of BooksCanon01/18/2015
15Unholy KnightCanon01/25/2015
16The Legends, ProvokedCanon02/01/2015
17The First SacrificeCanon02/08/2015
18Even If It Costs Me My LifeCanon02/15/2015
19The Fairy King Waits in VainCanon02/22/2015
20The Courage CharmMostly Canon03/01/2015
21The Looming ThreatCanon03/08/2015
22What I Can Do For YouMostly Canon03/15/2015
23Despair DescendsCanon03/22/2015
24The HeroesMostly Canon03/29/2015
25The Dark Dream BeginsFiller08/28/2016
26Our Fighting FestivalFiller09/04/2016
27In Pursuit of First LoveFiller09/11/2016
28The Shape of LoveFiller09/18/2016
29Revival of The Demon ClanMostly Canon01/13/2018
30Existence and ProofMostly Canon01/20/2018
31Sacred Treasure LostvayneCanon01/27/2018
32The Ten Commandments on the MoveCanon02/03/2018
33Overwhelming ViolenceCanon02/10/2018
34The Great Holy Knight Atones For His SinsCanon02/17/2018
35Where Memories LeadCanon02/24/2018
36The Druids' Holy LandCanon03/03/2018
37A Promise To A Loved OneCanon03/10/2018
38What We LackedCanon03/17/2018
39Father and SonCanon03/24/2018
40Where Love is FoundCanon03/31/2018
41Farewell, Beloved ThiefCanon04/14/2018
42Master of the SunCanon04/21/2018
43A Bloodcurdling ConfessionCanon04/28/2018
44Death-Trap MazeCanon05/05/2018
45Legendary FiguresCanon05/12/2018
46For Whom Does That Light Shine?Canon05/19/2018
47Meliodas vs the Ten CommandmentsCanon05/26/2018
48Pursuit of HopeCanon06/02/2018
49Certain WarmthCanon06/09/2018
50Return of the SinsCanon06/16/2018
51The Hero Rises!Canon06/23/2018
52As Long As You Are HereCanon06/30/2018
53The Light That Disperses DarknessCanon10/09/2019
54Memories of the Holy WarCanon10/16/2019
55Let There Be LightCanon10/23/2019
56The Ten Commandments vs. The Four ArchangelsCanon10/30/2019
57Emotional MaelstromCanon11/06/2019
58We Call That LoveCanon11/13/2019
59Deadly Sins Unite!Canon11/20/2019
60The Doll Seeks LoveCanon11/27/2019
61The Cursed LoversCanon12/04/2019
62The Life We LiveCanon12/11/2019
63The Hateful Cannot RestCanon12/18/2019
64Love is a Maiden's PowerCanon12/25/2019
65The Almighty vs. the Greatest EvilCanon01/08/2020
66A New ThreatCanon01/15/2020
67To Our CaptainCanon01/22/2020
68The Seven Deadly Sins EndCanon01/29/2020
69Our ChoicesCanon02/05/2020
70March of the SaintsCanon02/12/2020
71The Holy War PactCanon02/19/2020
72Child of HopeCanon02/26/2020
73Beginning of the Holy WarCanon03/04/2020
74War-torn BritanniaCanon03/11/2020
75The One Twisted by DarknessCanon03/18/2020
76Rampaging LoveCanon03/25/2020
77From PurgatoryCanon01/13/2021
78A Meeting with the UnknownCanon01/20/2021
79A Single-Minded LoveCanon01/27/2021
80The Victims of the Holy WarCanon02/03/2021
81The Tragic StrikeCanon02/10/2021
82Confront Despair!!Canon02/17/2021
83Hope, Conflict, and DespairCanon02/24/2021
84The Doorway to HopeCanon03/03/2021
85That Which GathersCanon03/10/2021
86The Salvation of the SunCanon03/17/2021
87The One Who Stands Against a GodCanon03/24/2021
88We'll All Be Your StrengthCanon03/31/2021
89The End of a Long JourneyCanon04/07/2021
90Farewell, Seven Deadly SinsCanon04/14/2021
91Fated BrothersCanon04/21/2021
92The Final BattleCanon04/28/2021
93The Voice Calling Your NameCanon05/05/2021
94The King Sings AloneCanon05/12/2021
95The StruggleCanon05/19/2021
96Mortal EnemiesCanon05/26/2021
97What the Witch Had Always WantedCanon06/02/2021
98A Taste of ChaosCanon06/09/2021
99An Everlasting KingdomCanon06/16/2021

List of filler episodes for Seven Deadly Sins in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 25 The dark dream begins

Episode 25 is the first of a two-part arc that takes place in the middle of the Holy War arc. This is a filler episode, which is why it is important to know that Elizabeth will have her memories erased in the next episode, and therefore she does not know who Meliodas and Ban are.

In this episode, Elizabeth wants to relax after she saved Melascula from Hendrickson’s attack. However, Hawk is nowhere to be found. She finds him at a distance from “The Boar Hat”, and they go back together. When they arrive at “The Boar Hat”, Elizabeth is surprised to see that everyone is still asleep despite her absence, except for Meliodas, who was apparently cleaning the deck outside. After breakfast, Elizabeth begins cleaning outside “The Boar Hat”, but she is surprised by King, who wants to talk with her about their current situation. Diane also appears and asks if she can eat some pig meat. While talking with King and Diane at “The Boar Hat”, Hawk notices Meliodas looking for pig meat for his meat pie. Hawk gets scared and jumps away as Meliodas walks away from them looking for pig meat so he can make his meat pie for Elizabeth’s sake.

The first half of Episode 25 is filler, while the second half goes back to the Holy War arc. Meliodas makes a meat pie for Elizabeth, but it does not turn out well because he did not have the right ingredients. Meliodas decides that they will go to the Gray Demon’s corpse and take some pig meat from it, despite Elizabeth telling him that humans should not disturb corpses. Ban and Merlin appear to retrieve Ban’s alcohol and Merlin’s magic book respectively. Ban is also planning to stop Meliodas from doing something horrible. The episode ends with Hawk still missing, but soon we find out that he was just hiding under Meliodas’ cloak.

Episode 26 Our fighting festival

Episode 26 is the first filler episode of the anime series. It covers Ban fighting Meliodas as well as Hawk, Elizabeth, King and Diane.

This episode is also the first major appearance of Merlin in the series, who will be featured in a similar way in the manga later on. This episode is not included at all in the manga version of events of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Originally this episode was meant to be included in the manga but after being cut it became an anime exclusive filler story arc. This filler arc was not adapted into English by any publisher to date. The filler arc occurs shortly after Hawk’s interaction with Emily and Meliodas’ fight with Ban just before Hawk returns to Liones.

Episode 26 starts off with Diane and King in the forest as Diane is attempting to train King to be her servant. While Ban and Meliodas are fighting, Diane jumps in and kicks Ban away from Meliodas, preventing him from finishing the fight. Hawk comes in and attacks Meliodas by surprise. After a short battle, Diane defeats Hawk by breaking his arm.

Merlin then creates a giant cube that encases both Ban and Meliodas inside of it. While inside of the cube, Elizabeth appears and heals Meliodas’s wounds that were inflicted by Ban during the battle before they started fighting within the cube. Later on, Merlin manipulates the cube so when one of them punches another it causes an explosion outside of the cube which weakens each of them until they can no longer move at all. Shortly afterwards Merlin breaks up the fight between them so that they don’t hurt themselves anymore.

Afterwards everyone returns to Liones including King who was training with Diane until she injured him by accident. At Liones we see that Arthur is trying to retrieve information about Dreyfus from Bartra but his efforts prove futile as Bartra doesn’t know anything about Dreyfus’s whereabouts after he vanished years earlier.

Meanwhile, the “real” Dreyfus is shown to be in the Zhuhur Valley. On his way there he encounters a village that he once protected. The people who live there are happy to see him and give him food and water. While there he meets the boy that Hawk was talking about in episode 25. The boy tells him that his father was killed by someone who looked similar to him. The man then kills the boy and the boy’s father so they cannot repeat what they saw.

The filler ends with Dreyfus leaving the village and walking through the rain while a voice over of him saying “I will kill you” is heard.

Episode 27 In pursuit of first love

Episode 27 of the anime is a filler episode, which retells events that are already shown in the manga, but from King and Diane’s perspective. It also shows how Hendrickson survived Meliodas’ Revenge Counter.

After finding out about Elizabeth’s new mission from Gilfrost, King questions his feelings for Diane, as he is not sure if they are love or loyalty. He decides to go on a date with her, however, he first goes to the Boar Hat where he sees Meliodas and Merlin talking about something concerning Elizabeth. King then leaves for his date with Diane who is waiting for him outside of town in her giant form. The two play tag throughout the whole town until they reach a church where they run into Elizabeth and Hawk who were just there because of the commotion caused by Diane’s size and appearance. King and Diane quickly go back to normal size when Hawk threatens them with his arrows, but a remaining demon attacks them anyway who was luckily defeated by Diane’s vines thanks to Elizabeth’s help who had been hiding her presence sensing that something was wrong before revealing herself. After defeating it everyone starts heading home till King falls down on the ground after being hit by a brick thrown at him by an unknown person whom he later wakes up next to Diane who had no memory of what happened that day.

The episode ends with the winged arm reaching Zhuhur Valley and coughing up the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, as well as Hendrickson being hinted to have survived Meliodas’ Revenge Counter.

Episode 28 The shape of love

Episode 28 is a filler episode. It is a very important filler episode however, as it introduces to the audience the Ten Commandments, and sets up the sequence of events that will take place in the upcoming episodes.

After Merlin quits her waitress job, she moves on to a new job as a bartender at a bar. The bartender who was there before her quit because he was sick of seeing mercenaries there all the time. Merlin has trouble with one of the mercenaries who challenges her to arm-wrestling match in which she loses and gets stuck cleaning up after he leaves. When another mercenary challenges her to an arm-wrestling match and wins, he starts crying and hugging Merlin saying that she must have been his mother in his previous life since she beat him so easily. Meanwhile, Meliodas goes out searching for Vivian dressed as a girl only to find out that Vivian has become quite popular with many men wanting to date her and make out with her. Meliodas asks if Vivian could help him figure out where Estarossa went when he left Camelot earlier and she agrees to do so only if Meliodas becomes her boyfriend in which he refuses.

While at the bar, Merlin sees Meliodas come in and becomes shocked when she sees him dressed as a girl. Merlin goes to Meliodas’ table with a bottle of wine and asks if he wants to drink it together. Meliodas agrees and Merlin pours some into her hands and they both drink from the cup that they made with their hands. When Merlin prepares to leave, she tells Meliodas that she is meeting up with Ban next so not to tell anyone where she is going before leaving the bar.

Merlin meets up with Ban next. Ban asks if she got the wine since he was worried that someone might have been following him since someone was following him earlier when he went out for groceries. Ban says that he will pay for the wine later before noticing Merlin looking upset about something and asks what is wrong but Merlin refuses to tell him about it while drinking her glass of wine.

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