Jojo is a popular manga series written by Hirohiko Araki and originally published in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1986 to 2004. This anime is based on the manga, with a second series called Stardust Crusaders being a heavily modified version of the first 3/4s of the manga, and all of Diamond Is Unbreakable being original content.

The anime is split into 2 main parts: Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. Phantom Blood is pretty faithful to the manga, but Battle Tendency changes a lot of the story and characters, mostly due to time constraints.

The anime then received two adaptations of the next part of the manga, called Stardust Crusaders, a TV series which is heavily modified for time and story reasons (so much that some fans consider it a different anime) and an OVA which is basically the same story but with only 13 episodes.

After that, there was a movie trilogy (Steel Ball Run) loosely based on an original part of the manga. It’s not considered canon and it barely shares any similarities with Jojo other than characters. It’s also incredibly boring and has some of the worst animation I’ve ever seen.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Plot

The first part of the story is about Jonathan Joestar, who is an incredibly powerful boy who is considered to be a genius. He has an adopted brother, Dio Brando, who hates him and wants his fortune.

Dio’s plan to get the fortune is to poison Jonathan and then use an ancient stone mask which can turn people into vampires to steal his body. The plan fails and Dio ends up in a coma. Jonathan then travels to Mexico and meets a brujo named Zeppeli, who trains him in the ways of Hamon, an ancient martial art that uses the power of blood to create “hamon energy”, basically like magic energy. By drawing circles with your fingers you can create swords made of energy that can cut through anything.

How Much Filler is in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

The Jojo series has a remarkably low filler episode rate. There are a total of 152 TV episodes in the series, and no filler episodes. There are a total of 13 OVA episodes, and no filler episodes.

TV Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes


Filler Episodes

TV Complete Filler List

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1Dio the InvaderCanon10/05/2012
2A Letter from the PastCanon10/12/2012
3Youth With DioCanon10/19/2012
5The Dark KnightsCanon11/02/2012
6Tomorrow's CourageCanon11/09/2012
7Sorrowful SuccessorCanon11/16/2012
8Bloody Battle! JoJo and DioCanon11/23/2012
9The Final Ripple!Canon11/30/2012
10New York's JoJoCanon12/07/2012
11The Game MasterCanon12/14/2012
12The Pillar ManCanon12/21/2012
13JoJo vs. The Ultimate LifeformCanon01/04/2013
14Ultimate Warriors from Ancient TimesCanon01/11/2013
15A Hero's ProofCanon01/18/2013
16Lisa Lisa, Hamon CoachCanon01/25/2013
17The Deeper PlanCanon02/01/2013
18Von Stroheim's RevengeCanon02/08/2013
19A Race Toward the BrinkCanon02/15/2013
20Young CaesarCanon02/22/2013
21A Hundred Against TwoCanon03/01/2013
22A True WarriorCanon03/08/2013
23The Warrior of WindCanon03/15/2013
24The Ties that Bind JoJoCanon03/22/2013
25The Birth of a SuperbeingCanon03/29/2013
26The Ascendant OneCanon04/05/2013
27The Man Possessed by an Evil SpiritCanon04/04/2014
28Who Will Be the Judge!?Canon04/11/2014
29The Curse of DIOCanon04/18/2014
30Tower of GrayCanon04/25/2014
31Silver ChariotCanon05/02/2014
32Dark Blue MoonCanon05/09/2014
34The DevilCanon05/23/2014
35Yellow TemperanceCanon06/03/2014
36The Emperor and The Hanged Man, Part 1Canon06/06/2014
37The Emperor and The Hanged Man, Part 2Canon06/13/2014
38The EmpressCanon06/20/2014
39Wheel of FortuneCanon06/27/2014
40Justice, Part 1Canon07/04/2014
41Justice, Part 2Canon07/11/2014
42The Lovers, Part 1Canon07/18/2014
43The Lovers, Part 2Canon07/25/2014
44The SunCanon08/01/2014
45Death 13, Part 1Canon08/08/2014
46Death 13, Part 2Canon08/15/2014
47Judgment, Part 1Canon08/22/2014
48Judgment, Part 2Canon08/29/2014
49The High Priestess, Part 1Canon09/05/2014
50The High Priestess, Part 2Canon09/12/2014
51Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'doul, Part 1Canon01/09/2015
52Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'doul, Part 2Canon01/16/2015
53Khnum's Zenyatta and Thoth's MondattaCanon01/23/2015
54Anubis, Part 1Canon01/30/2015
55Anubis, Part 2Canon02/06/2015
56Bast's Mariah, Part 1Canon02/13/2015
57Bast's Mariah, Part 2Canon02/20/2015
58Set's Alessi, Part 1Canon02/27/2015
59Set's Alessi, Part 2Canon03/06/2015
60D'Arby the Gambler, Part 1Canon03/13/2015
61D'Arby the Gambler, Part 2Canon03/20/2015
62Hol Horse and Mondatta, Part 1Canon03/27/2015
63Hol Horse and Mondatta, Part 2Canon04/03/2015
64The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 1Canon04/10/2015
65The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop, Part 2Canon04/17/2015
66D'Arby the Player, Part 1Canon04/24/2015
67D'Arby the Player, Part 2Canon05/01/2015
68The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice, Part 1Canon05/08/2015
69The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice, Part 2Canon05/15/2015
70The Miasma of the Void, Cool Ice, Part 3Canon05/22/2015
71DIO's World, Part 1Canon05/29/2015
72DIO's World, Part 2Canon06/05/2015
73DIO's World, Part 3Canon06/12/2015
74Long Journey Farewell, My FriendsCanon06/19/2015
75Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke HigashikataCanon04/01/2016
76Josuke Higashikata! Meets AngeloCanon04/08/2016
77The Nijimura Brothers, Part 1Canon04/15/2016
78The Nijimura Brothers, Part 2Canon04/22/2016
79The Nijimura Brothers, Part 3Canon04/29/2016
80Koichi Hirose (Reverb)Canon05/06/2016
81Toshikazu Hazamada (Show Off)Canon05/13/2016
82Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 1Canon05/20/2016
83Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love, Part 2Canon05/27/2016
84Let's Go Eat Some Italian FoodCanon06/03/2016
85Chili Pepper, Part 1Canon06/10/2016
86Chili Pepper, Part 2Canon06/17/2016
87We Picked Up Something Crazy!Canon06/24/2016
88Let's Go to the Manga Artist's House, Part 1Canon07/01/2016
89Let's Go to the Manga Artist's House, Part 2Canon07/08/2016
90Let's Go Hunting!Canon07/15/2016
91Rohan Kishibe's AdventureCanon07/22/2016
92Shigechi's Harvest, Part 1Canon07/29/2016
93Shigechi's Harvest, Part 2Canon08/05/2016
94Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of CinderellaCanon08/12/2016
95Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 1Canon08/19/2016
96Yoshikage Kira Just Wants to Live Quietly, Part 2Canon08/26/2016
97Heart Attack, Part 1Canon09/02/2016
98Heart Attack, Part 2Canon09/09/2016
99Heart FatherCanon09/16/2016
100Rosham Boy is Here!Canon09/23/2016
101I'm an AlienCanon09/30/2016
102Highway Go Go, Part 1Canon10/07/2016
103Highway Go Go, Part 2Canon10/14/2016
104Cats Love Yoshikage KiraCanon10/21/2016
105July 15th (Thurs), Part 1Canon10/28/2016
106July 15th (Thurs), Part 2Canon11/04/2016
107July 15th (Thurs), Part 3Canon11/11/2016
108July 15th (Thurs), Part 4Canon11/18/2016
109Bites the Dust, Part 1Canon11/25/2016
110Bites the Dust, Part 2Canon12/02/2016
111Shining D (Diamond) is Unbreakable, Part 1Canon12/09/2016
112Shining D (Diamond) is Unbreakable, Part 2Canon12/16/2016
113Goodbye, Morioh - The Heart of GoldCanon12/23/2016
114Golden WindCanon10/05/2018
115Bucciarati AppearsCanon10/12/2018
116Meet the Mafioso Behind the WallCanon10/19/2018
117Joining the FamigliaCanon10/26/2018
118Find Polpo's Fortune!Canon11/02/2018
119Moody Jazz's CounterattackCanon11/09/2018
120Six Bullets Appears, Part 1Canon11/16/2018
121Six Bullets Appears, Part 2Canon11/23/2018
122The First Mission from the BossCanon11/30/2018
123Hitman TeamCanon12/07/2018
124Narancia's Li'l BomberCanon12/14/2018
125The Second Mission from the BossCanon12/21/2018
126Mirror Man and Purple SmokeCanon12/28/2018
127Il Treno Espresso per FirenzeCanon01/11/2019
128Thankful Death, Part 1Canon01/18/2019
129Thankful Death, Part 2Canon01/25/2019
131Verso Venezia!Canon02/08/2019
132White IceCanon02/15/2019
133The Final Mission from the BossCanon02/22/2019
134The Mystery of Emperor CrimsonCanon03/01/2019
135The "G" in GozzoCanon03/15/2019
136Crush and Talking MouthCanon03/22/2019
137Notorious ChaseCanon03/29/2019
138Spicy LadyCanon04/05/2019
139A Little Story from the Past - My Name is DoppioCanon04/12/2019
140Emperor Crimson vs MetallicCanon04/19/2019
141Beneath a Sky on the Verge of FallingCanon04/26/2019
142Verso il Colosseo di Roma!Canon05/10/2019
143Green Tea and Sanctuary, Part 1Canon05/17/2019
144Green Tea and Sanctuary, Part 2Canon05/24/2019
145Green Tea and Sanctuary, Part 3Canon05/31/2019
146His Name is DiavoloCanon06/07/2019
147The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 1Canon06/14/2019
148The Requiem Quietly Plays, Part 2Canon06/21/2019
149Diavolo SurfacesCanon06/28/2019
150King of KingsCanon07/05/2019
151Golden Wind RequiemCanon07/28/2019
152The Sleeping SlaveCanon07/28/2019

OVA Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes


Filler Episodes

OVA Complete Filler List

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1The Evil SpiritMostly Canon05/05/2000
2Hierophant GreenMostly Canon08/25/2000
3Silver Chariot and StrengthMostly Canon10/27/2000
4The Emperor and the Hanged ManMostly Canon04/27/2001
5The JudgmentMostly Canon07/21/2001
6The Mist of VengeanceMostly Canon09/28/2001
7JusticeMostly Canon01/25/2002
8Iggi "The Fool" and N'Dool "The GEB" (Part I)Mostly Canon09/19/1993
9Iggi "The Fool" and N'Dool "The GEB" (Part II)Mostly Canon12/17/1993
10D'Arby the GamblerMostly Canon07/21/1994
11Dio's "The World" - The Warrior of the Void: IcedMostly Canon08/09/1994
12Dio's "The World" - Kakyoin: Duel in the BarrierMostly Canon10/21/1994
13Dio's "The World" - Farewell, My FriendsMostly Canon11/18/1994

List of filler episodes for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 2 Hierophant green

Episode 2 is a filler episode in the sense that it was not adapted from the manga, but is instead a recap of what happened in episode 1. In fact, the episode is used as a means to introduce fan-favorite Kakyoin and his Stand, Hierophant Green.

Jotaro Kujo is the grandson of Joseph Joestar. After Jotaro’s father died, he was sent overseas. He returned to Japan after receiving an invitation from his grandfather to come see him and take his father’s place as the next head of the Joestar family and wielder of The World — a nearly invincible Stand with abilities far beyond even Star Platinum’s own power level.

In this episode, Jotaro learns of the flesh bud that DIO has implanted into his friend Noriaki Kakyoin, and attempts to remove it in order to save Kakyoin from being possessed by DIO. He succeeds, and the group then decides to head off to Egypt in order to defeat DIO once and for all.

The original episode 2 was an adaptation of Part 1 chapter 7 “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” (1986). This chapter was later adapted into episode 6 of the anime. However, this episode contained many scenes that were deemed too violent or sexual for TV broadcast. These scenes were then cut in order to make them fit within TV broadcast standards. Those same scenes can be found here in this “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA Complete Edition”.

This version of episode 2 remains faithful to the manga’s original story, up until a scene which was cut from the TV broadcast version but restored here: where Jotaro uses Star Platinum’s time stop powers to torture some gangsters who had been following him and his grandfather earlier on in the series.

Episode 3 Silver chariot and strength

Episode 3 is a filler episode, meaning that the episode is not canon to the story. This is because the events of this episode do not happen in the manga, and instead takes place in an alternate universe. It is unclear why this episode was made.

The main story of Stardust Crusaders features Jotaro Kujo and his companions as they travel to Egypt to defeat DIO, who has risen again after his death at the hands of Jotaro’s father, Jonathan Joestar. In this episode, the protagonists are traveling to Egypt on a plane when it suddenly catches fire and they are forced to make an emergency landing on a nearby boat. The story introduces Jean Pierre Polnareff and his Stand Silver Chariot, but does not explain how he connects with the main plot line.

In this OVA, Polnareff is shown as being acquainted with DIO; he becomes hostile towards Jotaro’s group when they board his boat, claiming that he has known DIO since childhood. Polnareff picks a fight with Avdol and tries to use Silver Chariot’s speed against him by attacking from all directions at once; however, Avdol uses Magician’s Red’s flame to create a hole in the floor, allowing him to attack from below and defeat Polnareff. Polnareff is then shown to be a friendly person who helps Jotaro’s group when they are in trouble.

This episode is included in the PlayStation 2 game as one of the series of events that occur when playing as Jotaro on disc 3, after DIO has been defeated. The events of this episode do not occur in the manga nor in the main anime story line.

Episode 4 The emperor and the hanged man

Episode 4 of the OVA is a filler episode. It takes place at the beginning of the Egypt arc, but does not advance the plot at all. It serves to introduce us to Hol Horse and Emperor, whom are not important characters in Part 3.

The Hanged Man is an assassin working for DIO, and he kills Polnareff’s sister, who was in Cairo with him and Iggy, before Polnareff came to Egypt. The Hanged Man is one of the only two Stand users that have been killed by another Stand user in the whole series (the other one being N’Dour).

Hol Horse is a bounty hunter who partners up with J.Geil, a ghoul seeking revenge on Kakyoin after the latter killed his brother Gray Fly earlier on in Part 3. Neither one of them are particularly important characters in Part 3 or even in Stardust Crusaders as a whole.

Episode 4 also introduces us to Sub-Zero who is featured only briefly with his Stand Iced Shell dealing with some cops harassing some street musicians (this happens right before Polnareff runs into Hol Horse). Sub-Zero doesn’t actually do much else besides this scene until Season 2 of Battle Tendency where he is featured more prominently.

The OVA’s version of India was shot in Sri Lanka, since it has a large Tamil population like India.

Episode 5 The judgement

Episode 5 is one of the Filler episodes of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” and, as a result, contains less plot than usual. It is also almost completely unrelated to the plot.

The first part of the episode has Polnareff and Kakyoin facing the enemy Stand, Hanged Man, for the first time. It displays an ability that is later explained in a flashback in episode 8, when Hol Horse explains that Silver Chariot must open his sheath to hit Hanged Man. An important aspect of this fight scene is that it shows how Silver Chariot can be upgraded through Star Platinum’s ability to rewind time (Action Replay).

After this fight, Polnareff spies J. Geil’s vehicle and sees him talking to someone on his phone about Avdol’s death. Polnareff decides to follow J. Geil but loses track of him. Jotaro and Joseph find Avdol’s body and are attacked by Hanged Man while they try to call Polnareff for help. They are saved at the last second by the arrival of Kakyoin and Polnareff who defeat Hanged Man with a combination attack. In this scene, we learn that Silver Chariot’s sheath is not only a weapon, but also a shield that can block attacks.

The episode ends with Polnareff and Kakyoin being fooled by J. Geil into thinking they have found him, only to discover that he has attacked an innocent bystander. The final scene in which Polnareff and Kakyoin leave their truck to defeat J. Geil (with the help of the beggars) is remade in episode 15 with a major change: the main protagonists are switched around since it is now Polnareff and Jotaro who face Hanged Man while Kakyoin and Joseph protect the truck.

The episode ends with the defeat of Hanged Man and Polnareff avenging Avdol’s death by killing J. Geil. As usual in this series, the main protagonists make an ambiguous statement at the end of each episode, in which they leave unclear if they have stopped being enemies or if they are still fighting each other: “I’ll head back to France now… unless you try something funny when I’m not looking.”

Episode 6 The mist of vengeance

Episode 6 of the anime is a filler episode. It does not present any significant plot development and mainly serves to introduce the next storyline. The episode is set in the middle of manga volumes 2 and 3 and was produced by Shueisha after the airing of Episode 5 in Japan. It therefore has no relation with either story arc, but is set within the time frame of its second part.

The episode sees Hol Horse having a dream of his past as he sleeps in the back of the truck. He is seen arguing with his comrade J. Geil, a young man who is the perfect double of DIO (except for his attitude) and whom Hol Horse uses to impersonate DIO during their assassination attempts. Enya, who is also there, tries to force Hol Horse to tell her why he betrayed DIO but he refuses to tell her anything. The scene then changes and Hol Horse decides to tell J. Geil that he was the one who killed Dio Brando while drunk. Hol Horse then wakes up and wonders if it was a dream or if it really happened. It is revealed that this was actually a flashback set in the past and that Enya has captured Hol Horse’s hands with her Stand, Justice. She tells him that since she knows about his betrayal, she can force him to kill himself by using his own hands against him.

At this point, the group decides to stop at an oasis in order to repair their truck and get some water for themselves and their camels (which are shown having a sort of friendship with each other). The group finds an oasis but are surprised when they find no people around except for corpses and people with weird skin diseases. They find an old woman in a hotel and decide to stay there for the night. The woman, who is actually Enya, lures them into a trap where she kills J. Geil by sticking a pick into his forehead. She then uses her Stand on Hol Horse’s hands and forces him to shoot himself in the head with his own gun, Emperor. Hol Horse’s hat then falls off of his head to reveal that he is actually dead.

This episode represents only the second time in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that someone is seen dying onscreen (the first was Jonathan Joestar being killed by Dio Brando). In the manga the bodies of both J. Geil and Hol Horse are seen lying on the floor but this scene was never animated in Episode 6 or any subsequent episode of the anime series (the only exception being Episode 14).

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