Reborn! (リボーン) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Amano about an infant who is discovered in the mafia world of the Vongola crime family and eventually becomes a hitman for the Vongola boss when he grows up. Reborn! is known as Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (ケットキョウ ヒットマン REBORN!) in Japan, where it is serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since June 2, 2004. The story follows the life of an infant named Tsunayoshi Sawada who, after being adopted by the Sawada family, learns that he will become the heir to the Vongola Family, a powerful Mafia organization. When he is still a child, he meets Reborn, his new tutor and hitman for the Vongola. Reborn adopts the name of “Vongola Decimo”, which refers to his tenth generation status as leader of the Vongola Family.

Reborn! Plot

Reborn! centers around an infant named Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Sawada who has no intention of becoming part of the mafia world or taking over as head of his family. However, he is suddenly attacked by an assassin named Xanxus and is nearly killed, but is saved by the hitman Reborn, who introduces himself as someone who will teach Tsuna how to become a proper mafia boss. With his friends at his side, including the intelligent and sharp-tongued Fuuta and the cheerful Lambo, they all face new challenges together to help Tsuna become reborn into greatness.

How popular is Reborn! ?

Reborn! has been a hit with critics and audiences alike. The manga has sold over 29 million copies as of January 2018. As of October 2017, it had 56 volumes in circulation worldwide. The series also won the Shōnen Jump Award in 2013 for best “shōnen” manga series that year (based on popularity polls on Shonen Jump website). It also won the top prize at the twelfth Japan Media Arts Festival Awards in 2013 for animation (TV category). As of September 2018, there are 489 chapters published in Japan with no signs of slowing down.

How Much Filler is in Reborn! ?

There are a total of 29 filler episodes in the Reborn! anime, which are episodes that do not take place in the manga. There are a total of 202 episodes in the series, which means that roughly 14% of the total episodes are filler.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

1-55, 57-96, 98-118, 120-141, 155-176, 190-203

Filler Episodes

56, 97, 119, 142-154, 177-189

Complete Filler List

1What!? I'm a Tenth-Generation Mafia Boss!?Canon10/07/2006
2The End of the School?!Canon10/14/2006
3Shocking! Cooking With Love and Horror!Canon10/21/2006
4Eek! A Maiden's Heart Can Destroy!Canon10/28/2006
5The Leader of the Disciplinary Committee Kills Time.Canon11/04/2006
6Ni-Hao Gyoza Fist!Canon11/11/2006
7To the Limit! Passionate Brother!Canon11/18/2006
8The Senior Boss Cares About the Family.Canon11/25/2006
9Life-shortening SkullitisCanon12/02/2006
10Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box!Canon12/09/2006
11The Gyoza Buns of Love and Death!?Canon12/16/2006
12Master's Training! Strengthening ProgramCanon12/23/2006
13New Spring! The Hundred Million Yen ContestCanon01/06/2007
14First Date!? Hell's ZooCanon01/13/2007
15Clash! Survival Snow BattleCanon01/20/2007
16Escape From Death Mountain!Canon01/27/2007
17Don't Make a Noise When You're HospitalizedCanon02/03/2007
18Poisoned Love ChocolatesCanon02/10/2007
19100% Accuracy? Ranking AnythingCanon02/17/2007
20Sudden AttackCanon02/24/2007
21Wounded FriendsCanon03/03/2007
22Unforeseen Evil InfluenceCanon03/10/2007
23The Final Deathperation ShotCanon03/17/2007
24Fighting Back in Different WaysCanon03/24/2007
25I Want to Win! Moment of AwakeningCanon03/31/2007
26The End and From Then OnCanon04/07/2007
27Eat Sushi to Celebrate Moving Up a GradeCanon04/14/2007
28No Way! I Killed Him?Canon04/21/2007
29Her Lover is Broccoli?Canon04/28/2007
30Hide and Seek on a Luxury CruiseCanon05/05/2007
31Welcome to Mafia LandCanon05/12/2007
32A Shark Showed Up in the Public PoolCanon05/19/2007
33A Summer Filled With Debt?Canon05/26/2007
34The Varia ArriveCanon06/02/2007
35The Seven Vongola RingsCanon06/09/2007
36Tutors on the MoveCanon06/16/2007
37Teacher and Student TogetherCanon06/23/2007
38The Selfish Baby Cow VanishesCanon06/30/2007
39The Unseen Enemies' GoalCanon07/07/2007
40The Battle of the Rings Begins!Canon07/14/2007
41The Guardian of the Sun Ring's FeelingsCanon07/21/2007
42The Power to Overcome AdversityCanon07/28/2007
43Thunder Strike from Twenty Years LaterCanon08/04/2007
44The Stolen Sky RingCanon08/11/2007
45Raging Storm BattleCanon08/18/2007
46Reason to FightCanon08/25/2007
47The Strongest, Invincible StyleCanon09/01/2007
48Flow of BattleCanon09/08/2007
49Requiem RainCanon09/15/2007
50The Guardian of the Mist Ring Arrives!?Canon09/22/2007
51Illusion vs. IllusionCanon09/29/2007
52The Truth About the MistCanon10/06/2007
53A Hint of UneasinessCanon10/13/2007
54The Cloud Guardian's RampageCanon10/20/2007
56Gokudera's StoryFiller11/03/2007
57The Sky Ring Battle Begins!Canon11/10/2007
58Flame of FuryCanon11/17/2007
60Deathperate Zero Point BreakthroughCanon12/01/2007
61Zero Point Breakthrough RevisedCanon12/08/2007
63Freezing FlameCanon12/22/2007
64The Truth Behind The RageCanon01/18/2008
66Shivering GhostCanon01/19/2008
67Vongola-style Open HouseCanon01/26/2008
68Happy? WeddingCanon02/02/2008
69Crazy Criminal Brother TrioCanon02/09/2008
70The Misfortune of Shoichi IrieCanon02/16/2008
71Fighting Spirit! Absolute Evil FistCanon02/23/2008
72Expulsion CrisisCanon03/01/2008
73Mother's Day Vongola-styleCanon03/08/2008
74The World 10 Years LaterCanon03/15/2008
75Secret BaseCanon03/22/2008
76Search for the GuardiansCanon03/29/2008
77Flame of ResolveCanon04/05/2008
78Clues to The PastCanon04/12/2008
79The First TrialCanon04/19/2008
82The Strongest GuardianCanon05/10/2008
83Information DivulgedCanon05/17/2008
84The Long Road HomeCanon05/24/2008
85Where's the Base?Canon05/31/2008
86The Most Terrifying TutorCanon06/07/2008
887³ PolicyCanon06/21/2008
89Piano of SorrowCanon06/28/2008
90Gufo di PioggiaCanon07/05/2008
91What You Believe InCanon07/12/2008
92Your ChoiceCanon07/19/2008
93Level D Security AlertCanon07/26/2008
94Identity RevealedCanon08/02/2008
96X BURNERCanon08/23/2008
97The Great ChaseFiller08/30/2008
98Declaration of WarCanon09/06/2008
99The Final TrialCanon09/13/2008
100The Night Before the RaidCanon09/20/2008
101Night AttackCanon09/27/2008
102Mission StartCanon10/04/2008
103The First BarrierCanon10/11/2008
104Magician of FateCanon10/18/2008
106The Student's MaturationCanon11/01/2008
107Absolute DesperationCanon11/08/2008
108A Man's Box WeaponCanon11/15/2008
110The Secret of Merone BaseCanon11/29/2008
111The Enemy is Octopus HeadCanon12/06/2008
112Boomerang TrapCanon12/13/2008
113Lightning Strikes AgainCanon12/20/2008
114The Storm Guardian, StandsCanon12/27/2008
115SISTEMA C.A.I.Canon01/10/2009
116Difference in ResolveCanon01/17/2009
117Storm Fights BackCanon01/24/2009
118The Princess's ConvictionCanon01/31/2009
119Interval Between BattlesFiller02/07/2009
120Virtual SpaceCanon02/14/2009
121Two BattlesCanon02/21/2009
122The Ultimate SwordsmanCanon02/28/2009
123Teachings of the Sword EmperorCanon03/07/2009
124Obstructing MistCanon03/14/2009
125More IntrudersCanon03/21/2009
126The Strongest versus The StrongestCanon03/28/2009
127A Bewitching FlowerCanon04/04/2009
128The Head Prefect ComesCanon04/11/2009
129Operation XCanon04/18/2009
130Resolve and IrritationCanon04/25/2009
132Final Block Of DefenseCanon05/09/2009
133A Game-Changing MoveCanon05/16/2009
134Hell KnightCanon05/23/2009
136Revealed TruthCanon06/06/2009
137Main Battle in ItalyCanon06/13/2009
138Twin PrincesCanon06/20/2009
139Furious RoarCanon06/27/2009
140Another SkyCanon07/04/2009
141ReunionMostly Canon07/11/2009
142The Strongest SevenFiller07/18/2009
143Trial #1Filler07/25/2009
144The Arcobaleno SealsFiller08/01/2009
145Guardian Showdown! Cloud and MistFiller08/08/2009
146Box Weapon PrototypeFiller08/15/2009
147Catch the WindFiller08/22/2009
148Two Successors of the SkyFiller08/29/2009
149Reborn's TrialFiller09/05/2009
150A Path is Closed OffFiller09/12/2009
151Once the Rainbow is CompleteFiller09/19/2009
152A Boss' ResolveFiller09/26/2009
153The Final SealFiller10/03/2009
154To the Next BattleFiller10/10/2009
155The Real Six Funeral WreathsMostly Canon10/17/2009
156Inspiring AlliesCanon10/24/2009
157Namimori HolidayCanon10/31/2009
158A Warm PlaceCanon11/07/2009
159For My FriendsCanon11/14/2009
160Gaining MobilityCanon11/21/2009
162The Sky Vongola BoxCanon12/05/2009
163Terror! Turmoil on BaseCanon12/12/2009
164Vongola Box, Training BeginsCanon12/19/2009
165Boycott DeclaredCanon12/26/2009
166With the Same HeartCanon01/09/2010
167Day of the BattleCanon01/16/2010
168Choice BeginsCanon01/23/2010
169Sky Lion: Leone di Cielo ver. VongolaCanon01/30/2010
170Fateful ShowdownCanon02/06/2010
172Kikyo's AssaultCanon02/20/2010
173Choice EndsCanon02/27/2010
174The Truth about the FutureCanon03/06/2010
175Yuni ComesCanon03/13/2010
177After the BattleFiller03/27/2010
178The Primo Family Arrives!Filler04/03/2010
179Inheritance BeginsFiller04/10/2010
180The Duty of the Rain GuardianFiller04/17/2010
181Furious Bolt of LightningFiller04/24/2010
182Silent StormFiller05/01/2010
183Aloof CloudFiller05/08/2010
184Sunny then CloudyFiller05/15/2010
185The Trap is SetFiller05/22/2010
186Bewitching MistFiller05/29/2010
187Memories of BetrayalFiller06/05/2010
188Primo's WillFiller06/12/2010
189The Family's ResolveFiller06/19/2010
190The Real Six Funeral Wreaths Attack!Mostly Canon06/26/2010
191Open Carnage BoxCanon07/03/2010
192Alaude's HandcuffsCanon07/10/2010
193Daemon Spade's Devil LensCanon07/17/2010
194The Final Battle BeginsCanon07/24/2010
195G's ArcheryCanon07/31/2010
196Lambo's ShieldCanon08/07/2010
197Knuckle's Maximum BreakCanon08/14/2010
198The Last Real Funeral WreathCanon08/21/2010
199Ghost AwakensCanon08/28/2010
200Sky Full of DesireCanon09/04/2010
201Sea. Clam. Rainbow.Canon09/18/2010
202To a New FutureCanon09/25/2010

List of Filler episodes for Reborn! in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 56: Gokudera’s Story

In this episode, we learn about the events of Gokudera’s past battles. We also learn that Lambo is still sick and can’t fight yet. In this episode, Gokudera is trying to talk to Lambo about the events of the Varia battles so far, but he can’t understand that since his mind is too young for him to understand. This episode is important because it shows how much Lambo has grown as an Arcobaleno and a person. It also shows how much Gokudera has changed as a character after being defeated by Squalo, and later on in the future, by Levi. It also shows how much Lambo cares for Gokudera, since he was feeding him takoyaki and trying to cheer him up. This episode is a filler episode because the series was going too fast and needed to slow down. In the filler, they talk about the events that happened before this episode.

Episode 97: The Great Chase

Tsunayoshi wakes up to find that his teammates have gone off without him. He goes out to find them and finds them outside a museum, where they are debating on whether or not they should go in. Tsuna is bored with this until he notices a sign about the legend of the Storm Cat Box Weapon.

The first part of the episode, Tsuna and his friends are at an amusement park, walking around and enjoying themselves. The second part of the episode is basically a flashback involving Tsuna’s father, mother, Lambo, I-Pin and Hayato coming to Italy. The third part of the episode involves Reborn giving Tsuna tips on how to defeat forms that he has never seen before (which has been shown in previous episodes). The fourth part involves Tsuna and his friends inside the museum, being told the legend of the Storm Cat Box Weapon by a man. The man tells them that a long time ago, there were four box weapons that came to be called The Four Winds. Each of them were made by Carnevale’s own hands and was given to his four students: The Storm Cat, The Rain Tiger, The Thunder Hawk, and the Lightning Bolt. They all wanted to become the strongest box weapon so they fought each other.

The Storm Cat was able to defeat The Rain Tiger, but then it went after the Thunder Hawk. As it was about to attack The Thunder Hawk with its claw attack, it faltered and was hit by the Thunder Hawk’s attack, the Lightning Bolt. The Storm Cat retreated and The Thunder Hawk became the strongest box weapon. The man finishes telling his story and Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Ryohei leave the museum.

Tsuna is thinking about what he just heard while on the train home with his friends. Tsuna is wondering how he can become stronger when he gets home. He notices that Reborn has appeared in front of him, and Reborn tells him that he should use his instincts to figure it out. Tsuna goes to sleep and later wakes up at night with an idea about how to defeat a form that he has never seen before…

This episode is a recap episode that shows the battle between The Storm Cat and The Rain Tiger, as well as the battle between The Thunder Hawk and The Storm Cat. It is a filler episode that is meant to help the viewers understand the story better.

Episode 119: Interval Between Battles

This episode is a filler episode that was released to help the anime’s viewers understand the story better, as well as to fill in the gap between the Millefiore incident and Tsuna’s arrival at the Vongola Base, which takes place in the anime during Episode 120: The Uninvited One.

In this episode, the students are separated into two groups: one group is to stay at school and train and the other group is to be sent out to complete missions. Tsuna is a part of the latter group, and he was given a mission by Reborn to collect 100 X-Burner Phials from Millefiore members. The rest of the group consists of Gokudera, Yamamoto, Lambo, I-Pin, Kyoko, Chikusa, Basil, Ryohei, Chrome and Haru.

After Tsuna’s team leaves the school grounds on I-Pin’s broomsticks (except for Yamamoto who was riding Lal Mirch), they are confronted by Gamma who wants to fight Tsuna for Gokudera’s Cloud Ring. Tsuna accepts the fight, and Gokudera confronts his brother for abandoning him and their family. The group watches as Gokudera fights Gamma, but Tsuna notices that Gamma is being controlled by someone else, so he tells Gokudera to concentrate on the one controlling him instead. After defeating the one controlling Gamma, it is revealed that the one controlling him is none other than Bianchi who had been hiding in her Noise Canceller since she was defeated in Episode 118: The Battle Over a Name. After defeating Bianchi, Gamma finally dies from his injuries which causes Tsuna’s Cloud Ring to fully evolve into a Cloud Hyper Ring.

After defeating Bianchi and Gamma, Tsuna’s team returns to the school to train with the other students. Later, Reborn informs Tsuna that he is going to be sending him out on another mission where he will be fighting against a Millefiore member along with Ryohei and Basil.

Episode 142: The Strongest Seven

The Arcobaleno Trials are beginning and Tsuna is visiting Reborn. Reborn explains that the rules are that each Guardian has to fight an Arcobaleno in order to pass. The Arcobaleno will not use any of their special abilities. However, if the guardians fail, they will lose their lives. The first fight is between Gokudera and Shamal; it is a race to Namimori Shrine. The second fight is between Yamamoto and Colonnello; it is a cooking contest using tomato sauce. The third fight involves Belphegor’s trial: he orders them to find the hidden treasure inside Namimori Shrine in one hour (using only their hands). As soon as they enter the shrine, it begins collapsing. The only thing they can do is dig with their hands to find the treasure.

When Tsuna is about to leave for the hospital, he sees a young girl who asks him if he could give her some medicine for her father. The girl’s father, Sherry, is a mafia member (who has not been killed by Byakuran), but he left the mafia after getting married and has been hiding in fear of being killed. Tsuna promises to protect him. The next day, as Tsuna and Gokudera are walking home from school together, Gokudera explains that he knows that Tsuna is going to be a great boss someday and how everyone would listen to his orders without hesitation. He then requests that Tsuna become the boss of their family, but Tsuna explains that he doesn’t want to be the boss because he wants to live a normal life. When they arrive home, they find a coffin in front of their house with a note from Belphegor. The note tells them that Tsuna must be buried alive should he lose the fight against him.

This episode is a filler because the actual fight with Belphegor happens in Beylphegor’s Shocking Swimming Test, which is part of the main story.

Episode 143: Trial #1

The episode focuses on the first trial, which is a battle of endurance. The three combatants are Colonnello, Tsuna and Gokudera. Colonnello has to be defeated by the two. He has an infinite amount of energy and stamina, so this will test how long they can fight without getting tired out.

Tsuna and Gokudera are running from Colonnello and his special attacks, but are not being able to land a hit on him. After trying many times to get close to him, they end up at an open area where Colonnello tries to crush them with his sand attacks. However, Tsuna uses his flame ring attack, which was taught to him by Reborn, to repel the sand and land a hit on Colonnello. Afterwards, he uses his Vongola Box Weapon, the Lightning Vongola Box Weapon, to defeat Colonnello.

After defeating Colonnello, Tsuna’s group receives the first key as well as the lightning rings. Later on, they all decide to go eat at a fast food restaurant. While switching seats with Tsuna when he is stuck in line, Haru realizes that it is because Gokudera has no money with him. She goes back to her house and gives Gokudera 100 yen and tells him about how when they were little she would give him money from her piggy bank when he didn’t have any. Gokudera is touched by this and gives her his money, but when she refuses to take it he ends up keeping it. She tells him that she is glad he is Tsuna’s Guardian and that he will become a great man one day.

In the credits, Tsuna asks Reborn if he had to attend school in the future. Reborn responds by saying what a boring question that was. Tsuna then says that he wants to go back in time so he can become stronger, but Reborn replies by telling him not to say something so stupid and that if he does something like that then the present won’t exist anymore. Tsuna then thinks about how the future’s future is not the same as his own, and then gets depressed.

This episode is a filler because it is not directly tied to the anime’s plot. The anime’s plot will resume later when it gets to the Arcobaleno trials. The only reason this episode was produced is to show what happens after Tsuna defeats the Varia and during his training with Reborn.

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