What is Toriko?

Toriko is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. It was adapted into an anime series produced by Toei Animation which began broadcasting in Japan on April 3, 2011. The series features a world of gourmet food and follows a boy named Toriko as he searches for rare ingredients to complete a full-course meal.

This anime series is part of Toriko anime series, a collection of anime TV series based on the Toriko manga series and produced by Toei Animation. The anime television adaptation began airing on April 3, 2011.

In North America, Viz Media has licensed the anime television series for simulcast streaming on Hulu and Neon Alley, an online channel for Viz’s online network, starting on April 16, 2012.

Toriko Plot

The story of Toriko follows the exploits of a hunter named Toriko, who aims to capture the most precious foods in the world and create the ultimate Full Course Menu. In order to accomplish this task he must hunt down the animals that provide these rare ingredients and defeat them in battle, thus becoming stronger while also progressing toward completing his menu.

How Much Filler is in Toriko?

The Toriko series has a remarkably high filler episode rate. There are a total of 147 episodes in the series, and there are a total of 20 episodes which are filler episodes, which gives it a score of 14% filler episodes.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

2-41, 44-50, 52-68, 71-79, 83-85, 87-98, 100-111, 114-123, 126-129, 132-135, 137-145

Filler Episodes

1, 42-43, 51, 69-70, 80-82, 86, 99, 112-113, 124-125, 130-131, 136, 146-147

Complete Filler List

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1Arrival on Gourmet Island! The Gourmet Hunter Toriko Appears!Filler04/03/2011
2The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator!
3The Well Mellowed 7-Colored Fruit Juice! Pick the Rainbow Fruit!Canon04/17/2011
4Prepare It! The Poisonous Puffer Whale! The Heavenly King Coco Appears!!Canon04/24/2011
5The Deadly Cave Battle! Fire, Five-Fold Spiked Punch!Canon05/01/2011
6The Knocking Master! Time to Taste the Puffer Whale!Canon05/08/2011
7The Strongest Wolf That Ever Lived! The Battle Wolf is Reborn!Canon05/15/2011
8The Threat Appears! Rumble at the Gourmet Colosseum!Canon05/22/2011
9That Which Is Passed Down! Activate, Gourmet Cells!Canon05/29/2011
10The Man Who Has an Invincible Domain! His Name Is Sunny!Canon06/05/2011
11Regal Isle Dash! Search for the Jewel Meat!Canon06/12/2011
12The Devil's Game! Clear the Devil's Playground!Canon06/19/2011
13The Ultimate Backup! Clash, Coco Vs. GT Robot!Canon06/26/2011
14The Threat Of Deadly Poison! Coco's Formula For Victory!Canon07/03/2011
15The Unyielding aesthetic! Sunny's Manly Battle!Canon07/10/2011
16Rin's Final Wish! Awaken, Super Toriko!Canon07/17/2011
17Super Toriko, the Fist of Anger! This is the Strongest Spike Punch!Canon07/31/2011
18The Taste Written In His DNA! Toriko, Search For The Blue Blood Corn!Canon08/07/2011
19The Talent of Battle! Show Me, Terry, King in the Making!Canon08/14/2011
20For Terry's Sake! Burst By Broiling Heat, BB Corn!Canon08/21/2011
21The Gourmet Corps' Assassin! Toriko's Attack Instantaneously Evolves!Canon08/28/2011
22Pressure of Madness! Grinpatch vs. Toriko!Canon09/04/2011
23The Amusement Park of Eating! The Bellyfull City, Gourmet Town!
24The Moment of Truth! Setsuno's Century Soup!Canon09/18/2011
25Meeting at the Saloon! The Powerful and Numerous Gourmet Hunters!Canon09/25/2011
26The Gourtmet Hunter Troops' Challenge! Arrival in the Frigid Hell!
27Hurry While It's Hot! A Survival Race on Ice!Canon10/09/2011
28The Fiery Explosion Shakes the Iceberg!! The Masked Man's True Form!!Canon10/16/2011
29Glorious Bug Tamer! Tommyrod vs. TorikoCanon10/23/2011
30Gratitude and Pride! Takimaru's Full-Out Corkscrew Shot!Canon10/30/2011
31Settled! Match and Takimaru's Desperate Attacks!Canon11/06/2011
32The Gourmet Reviver and the Legendary Soup's Location!Canon11/13/2011
33Head-on Fight! Fierce Battle! Toriko vs. Tommyrod!Canon11/20/2011
34Ultimate Desperation! Tommyrod's Full-Power Mode Explodes!Canon11/27/2011
35Wondrous Power! Gourmet Reviver Teppei Joins the Battle!Canon12/04/2011
36The Last Drop! Who Will Get the Century Soup?!Canon12/11/2011
37Farewell, Ice Hell! Granny Setsu's Hidden Power!Canon12/18/2011
38Splendid Healing! Here Comes the Gourmet Reviver, Yosaku!Canon12/25/2011
39Race to Finish! Will It Be Toriko's Recovery, or Komatsu's Soup?!Canon01/08/2012
40To the World of Ultimate Bliss! Taste the Century Soup!Canon01/15/2012
41Housewarming Party! Everyone Gather at the Sweets House!Canon01/22/2012
42The Gourmet King Championship! Search for the Ultimate Sweets!Filler01/29/2012
43Bonding Dish! Partners Are Forever!Filler02/05/2012
44White Hot! Toriko vs. the IGO President!Canon02/12/2012
45Vegetable Garden in the Heavens! Vegetable Sky!Canon02/19/2012
46Discovery! The King of Vegetables, Ozone Grass!Canon02/26/2012
47Confession in the Heavens! The Formation of the Invincible Duo!Canon03/04/2012
48Shocking Encounter! A Mysterious Life Form Appears!Canon03/18/2012
49Toriko Rushes in! The Truth of the Gourmet World!Canon03/25/2012
50Enter the Astounding Ringer! The True Meaning of a Partner!Canon04/01/2012
51Toriko and Luffy Meet Again! Find the Seafood Fruit!Filler04/08/2012
52Shock! The Broken Kitchen Knife and Cutler Melk!Canon04/15/2012
53Tension! Toriko's Knife vs. Melk's Kitchen Knife!Canon04/22/2012
54Supergravity! Conquer Heavy Hole!Canon04/29/2012
55Hidden Truth! The First Melk Appears!Canon05/06/2012
56Debut! The Second Generation's Succession and Melk Stardust!Canon05/13/2012
57A Work Made with All Her Might! The Completed Melk Knife!Canon05/20/2012
58Super Celeb! Once in a Lifetime Gourmet Carriage Journey!Canon05/27/2012
59Finally, He Appears! The Last of the Four Kings, Zebra!Canon06/03/2012
60Unleash the Roar! The Release of the Condemned Criminal, Zebra!Canon06/10/2012
61Warning Issued! Zebra Lands on Sand Garden!Canon06/17/2012
62Komatsu's Disappearance! The Desert Labyrinth of Evil!Canon06/24/2012
63The Sealed Voice! The Other-Dimensional Gourmet Pyramid!Canon07/01/2012
64Astounding! The Mysterious Ancient Manuscript and the Creature Inside the Coffin!Canon07/08/2012
65Shocking Showdown! Salamander Sphinx!Canon07/15/2012
66Cooperative Cooking! Komatsu Steers Toriko and Zebra!Canon07/29/2012
67Explosion of Combination Techniques! Taking the World's Best Cola!Canon08/05/2012
68The Truth Revealed! Komatsuâs Will and the Identity of the Mysterious Creature!Canon08/12/2012
69Surpass Dad! Midsummer Gobbling Katsu Curry!Filler08/19/2012
70Connecting Bonds! The Superb Gatsugatsu Curry!Filler08/26/2012
71A New Stage! Toriko's Determination and the Return ofCanon09/02/2012
72A Flowing Food Luck! The Pilgrimage Gourmet Shrine!Canon09/09/2012
73Uwaaa! The Astonishing Surprise Apple!Canon09/16/2012
74Chicken Beast's Egg! The Memories of Old Man Yocchi and His Wife!Canon09/23/2012
75Glittering Crystal! Shining Gourami!Canon09/30/2012
76Shocking Rapids! Giant Waterfall, Death Falls!Canon10/07/2012
77Sunny`s New Attack! The Result of Gorgeous Training!Canon10/14/2012
78Thirty Times Combo! Thirty-Six-Fold Twin Spiked Punch!Canon10/21/2012
79Cooking by Intuition! Komatsu and the Shining Gourami!Canon10/28/2012
80Flashy Presentation! Supreme Service With a Meal!Filler11/04/2012
81Supreme Chitose Ame! Komatsu and Yun's Tale!Filler11/11/2012
82Assemble on Autumn Mountain! Terry, Yun, Kiss, Queen!Filler11/18/2012
83Reunion! Take-chan of Fairytale Castle!Canon11/25/2012
84Crossroads! A Chef's Destination!Canon12/02/2012
85Dramatic Transformation! Hair Salon Barber Gourmet!Canon12/09/2012
86Gathering of the Four Kings! A Midwinter Night's Miracle!Filler12/16/2012
87Merry Feastmas! Gourmet Santa's Present!Canon12/23/2012
88Heaven or Hell!? Storming Into the Gourmet Casino!Canon01/06/2013
89Appearance! The Boss of the Underground Cooking World, Livebearer!Canon01/13/2013
90A Card Game With Your Life on the Line! Gourmet Tasting!Canon01/20/2013
91Dead Heat! Coco vs. LivebearerCanon01/27/2013
92Coco's Strategy! The Big-Miss Cards That Determine the Outcome!Canon02/03/2013
93Eat or be Eaten! Toriko vs. the Hannya Panda!Canon02/10/2013
94Climax! The Remaining Worst Ingredients!Canon02/17/2013
95The Decisive Moment! Coco's Grand Scenario!Canon03/03/2013
96A Taste that's Out of this World! The Actual Eating of the Meteor Garlic!Canon03/17/2013
97Pinnacle Showdown! Ichiryuu vs. the Bishokukai's Midora!Canon03/24/2013
98The Hidden Training Ingredient! Emergency Instructions from Ichiryuu!Canon03/31/2013
99Run, Strongest Army! Toriko, Luffy, Goku!Filler04/07/2013
100Commemorating the Hundredth Episode, All Four Heavenly Kings Assemble!Canon04/14/2013
101Toriko Fainting in Agony?! Capture the World's Smelliest Ingredient!Canon04/21/2013
102Too Huge! With Pro Wrestling Moves, the Completion of the Ehou MakiCanon04/28/2013
103Hands Together and Bow! Gourmet Human National Treasure Chin Chinchin Appears!Canon05/05/2013
104Those Without Gratitude Should Not Enter! The Fearsome Shokurin Temple!Canon05/12/2013
105Toriko, Completely Defeated?! The Delicate and Uninhibited Power of Food Honor!Canon05/19/2013
106It's All About Appreciation! The Essentials of Food Honor!Canon05/26/2013
107An Approaching Threat! Hurry, Toriko! The Road to the Bubble Fruits!Canon06/02/2013
108Tradgedy! The Demise of Shokurin Temple... Farewell Komatsu!Canon06/09/2013
109Mighty and Unrivaled! One Who Has Mastered Food Honor!Canon06/16/2013
110National Treasure Class One-Swing 100 Million Yen Techniques! Toriko VS Granny ChiyoCanon06/23/2013
111Phantom IngredientCanon06/30/2013
112The Legendary BeeFiller07/07/2013
113Showing his True Strength! Komatsu's Food Honor The Actual Food! The Phantasmal Noodles,Filler07/14/2013
114The Four Heavenly Kings Gather! The Gourmet World BeastsCanon07/21/2013
115The Battle to Determine the Fate of Mankind! The Four Beasts VS The Four Heavenly Kings!Canon07/28/2013
116Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra The Four Heavenly Kings' Storm of Attacks!!Canon08/11/2013
117Toriko's New Crisis The Creeping Four Beast's Main Body!!Canon08/18/2013
118The Four Beast's Shockng Union and the Green Rain!!Canon08/25/2013
119The Four Heavenly Kings' Worst Dilemma! Komatsu's Determination!Canon09/01/2013
120Save Mankind With Your Miraculous Food Luck!!Canon09/08/2013
121Explode! Curiosity for Taste! The Four Heavenly Kings' Combination Technique!!Canon09/15/2013
122Ultimate TechniqueCanon09/22/2013
123The Forthcoming Festival The WrigglingCanon09/29/2013
124Toriko VS Gurume-kai no Kaibutsu "MonpuranFiller10/06/2013
125Toriko's New TechniqueFiller10/13/2013
126Great Imminent Troubles!? Cooking Fest Opens!!Canon10/20/2013
127Komatsu in Trouble!? Triathlon Cooking!Canon10/27/2013
128Cooking Legend, Meet Tengu Buranchi!!Canon11/03/2013
129Sneaky! Stormy! Buranchi, Pulling Ahead!!Canon11/10/2013
130Life or Death, Scale Death Cooking!!Filler11/17/2013
131Who is the Strongest Combo? Entire Island Cooking!!Filler11/24/2013
132Outbreak of War! Bishokukai's Furious All-out Attack!!Canon12/01/2013
133Protect Komatsu! Toriko vs. Starjun!!Canon12/08/2013
134Wild Battle! Toriko's Strongest Attack!!Canon12/15/2013
135Top Showdown! IGO vs. BishokukaiCanon12/22/2013
136A Catastrophic Joker Card! Gourmet World Monster NitroFiller01/05/2014
137Struggle to the Death! Coco vs. GrinpatchCanon01/12/2014
138Duel! Sunny vs. TommyrodCanon01/19/2014
139The Moment of Truth! Sunny's Final Ability!!Canon01/26/2014
140Counterattack! Zebra Gets Moving!!Canon02/02/2014
141Toriko, Counterattack! Ultimate Routine!!Canon02/09/2014
142History's Greatest Enemy!Canon02/16/2014
143The Secret of the MastermindCanon02/23/2014
144The Beginning of the End! Toriko vs. Joa!!Canon03/02/2014
145An Attack to Come Back from Hopelessness! The Four Heavenly Kings, the Ultimate Technique!!Canon03/16/2014
146Reach him, Komatsu's Yells! Toriko Awakens!!Filler03/23/2014
147Toriko and Komatsu, Setting Out on a New Journey!!Filler03/30/2014

List of filler episodes for Toriko in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 1: Arrival on Gourmet Island! The Gourmet Hunter Toriko Appears

Episode 1 of Toriko begins with the Straw Hats, under Luffy’s command, running low on food supplies. To solve this problem, Luffy spots an island during their voyage and steers the Going Merry towards it. After landing on the island, Luffy and his crew, Nami, Sanji and Chopper traverse the island until they encounter a member of a race that they have never seen before. This being was Toriko, who has a very strange way of eating. As he mistakes Chopper for food, Chopper runs away from Toriko in fear. Meanwhile, Luffy is shown eating a piece of meat from a pig that he has just beaten into submission using his Gomu Gomu no Mi abilities (the meat is what we would call pork).

After meeting and clearing up their misunderstandings with one another, the two groups search for an elusive bird that is said to exist on this island. As they look for this bird they stumble upon some “Roasted Boars” which are actually just giant boar legs roasted over an open fire (this is why it says “Roasted Boar”). They then sample some of their spoils from the large pig that they defeated. After they have gathered enough food for the trip, they head off towards a mountain where a delicious fruit is said to exist.

This episode is a filler episode. It does not contribute to the main plot in any way, but is used to give a little background on Toriko’s character and his relationship with Komatsu (the cook).

As they are heading towards the mountain where the fruit is said to be at its sweetest, they come across a group of Cocoalas. These Cocoalas kidnap Nami and Komatsu, who had been separated from Luffy and Toriko’s group. The two groups then head off towards the mountain, only to find that it is surrounded by a very large number of Cocoalas. As they are about to be attacked by these creatures, two individuals appear behind them. The first individual is a girl named Coco who wears glasses and has long black hair. The second individual is a young man named Sunny.

Episode 42: The Gourmet King Championship! Search for the ultimate Sweets

In this episode Toriko, Sunny, and Coco set out to find the most delicious foods for a starving Seven-Color Nessie. Toriko’s party takes a break from their search to take part in the Tenkaichi Night Festival.

The festival features many delicious foods which are all displayed on a giant scale with the food’s weight as its measurement. The highest weight fruit that Sunny can find is a three-hundred-pound durian fruit. Toriko and Coco also find some good foods to eat during the festival but are soon called away by Toriko’s Gourmet Cells.

At sea, it seems that Midora has found a feast of his own as he has captured an entire whale with his bare hands.

This is another filler episode which takes place after Episode 39 and before Episode 43 of Toriko Anime.

The reason why this episode was created as a filler is because this episode shows Toriko, Sunny and Coco enjoying the Tenkaichi Night Festival which is an event only celebrated in the anime version. Since Toriko also went to the Tenkaichi Night Festival in Episode 44 and Episode 45, it was decided that this episode would be created as filler to show Toriko enjoying a much more relaxed time at the festival than he did in Episode 44 and Episode 45.

Episode 43: Bonding Dish! Partners are Forever!

The episode begins with a flashback to a time where Toriko, Komatsu, and Rin were enjoying themselves in a forest. Suddenly, the ground underneath them gave out and they fell into a giant pit. Toriko was able to grab onto a vine, but Komatsu and Rin fell to their deaths. Toriko tried to save them, but wasn’t able to do so.

The scene then returns to present day where the Heavenly King is on a mission with Komatsu and Rin in the Gourmet Pyramid. The three of them are searching for the Seven Colored Nessie’s meal. They finally find it in a cave, which is hidden under a lake. The three of them dive down into the lake and begin searching for the creature’s meal, but they are attacked by many types of creatures that live underwater including shark box turtles. After defeating each creature, Komatsu and Toriko safely deliver their own meals while Rin is left without one after his chomp urchin is eaten by a shark box turtle. After seeing this happen, Komatsu quickly grabs one of his own meals from his bag so that he can give it to Rin when he sees a honey dragon flying towards him on its way out of the cave. He gets hit by its tail as it flies past him and loses his grip on his meal bag when he hits the ground which causes all of the meals to fly out of the bag and onto all of the honey dragons. Toriko quickly uses a vacuum bubble to suck up all of the meals at once while Komatsu tells Rin to take his meal back from the shark box turtle.

Episode 43 focuses on a mission to provide the seven-colored sea monster with a special meal. The food is obtained from various locations, but each of these locations have their own troubles the Heavenly Kings must solve before they can gather the ingredients.

This is a filler episode based on the “Toriko” manga chapter of the same name.

Episode 51: Toriko and Luffy meet again! Find the seafood fruit!

Episode 51 is a filler episode that is not part of the main plot and does not contribute to it in any way. It is completely irrelevant to the manga. It’s just another random episode that only exists to promote Toriko’s new series on TV Tokyo.

The episode starts with the characters fishing on a boat in the middle of the sea. Komatsu catches a Spring Shark. After defeating it, Luffy suddenly comes out of the Harusame’s mouth and surprises Toriko and Komatsu. Soon, Sunny arrives and Chopper is revealed to be sick while in his human form. In order to make him feel better, they have to find the “Seafood Fruit” and make Chopper eat it. Thus, Luffy, Toriko and the rest head off to Tou-Chinese Island.

The episode consists of Toriko’s group going after a rare fruit on an island full of Chinese cuisine experts who are willing to do anything to get it back, even fight them for it! The group travels from place to place trying to reach the fruit before someone else does while getting attacked by Chinese chefs along the way who all want that fruit for their own personal gain! The chefs also use a variety of kitchen supplies as weapons such as spoons, spatulas & even kitchen knives!

Episode 69: Surpass Dad! Midsummer gobbling katsu curry!

The episode begins with Toriko, Komatsu, and Sunny at the beach as they prepare to go surfing. Toriko expresses his love for the beach after Komatsu mentions that he wants to make a curry with sea food. Toriko decides to help Komatsu find ingredients for his Curry, and Sunny begins to fly off on his own in search of ingredients. While searching for ingredients, he is attacked by a Water Tiger. After being chased by the Water Tiger he is saved by Rin who quickly defeats the beast using her Shokaku-Ken (Double-Edged Slash). Rin explains she has been looking for a Water Tiger and she quickly captures it. She then offers to help Toriko find ingredients, but he tells her about Komatsu’s curry and says that they are just helping him out.

Gin and Chiyo arrive at the beach in search of ingredients as well. They run into an old man who is also looking for an ingredient known as “Water Buffalo”. He tells them that there was once a huge water buffalo that lived in the water but has not been seen in 30 years. Gin then says that they need to capture it, but Chiyo immediately refuses because it is too big of a challenge.

Episode 69 is a filler episode. It is not meant to fit into the canon storyline. The anime was able to use this episode as a filler because of the manga’s hiatus that occurred in this same month.

The plot is similar to that of Episode 6 in which Komatsu and Toriko go on a food trip while Sunny goes off on his own and ends up capturing a rare ingredient.

This is the first time we see Rin in her Shokaku-Ken mode, which was first mentioned in Episode 64 and shown only briefly, in episode 65.

Episode 70: Connecting Bonds! The superb Gatsugatsu curry!

Episode 70 of Toriko is a filler episode, which in my opinion was somewhat entertaining. It’s a good filler episode, that doesn’t feel like it. It has quite a bit of drama going on as well, unlike many other fillers. I enjoyed this episode and I do recommend it to others who are looking for something entertaining to watch.

The main plot of Episode 70 is Komatsu helping a chef regain his lost cooking skills. It’s an interesting plot, and is kept very well throughout the entire episode. The drama in this episode is very well written and executed, especially when we see the heartbroken chefs children try to bring their father back into the kitchen with them. We also see Komatsu get serious when he confronts the chef about his new cooking style and how he should stop worrying about his children so much and just cook for himself again.

The rest of Episode 70 was mainly Toriko fighting Water Tiger in order to get fresh water for their journey through the dessert up ahead. We also learn some new information about Water Tiger proving that he wasn’t always like he is now which helps us understand his character more(in my opinion). I really enjoyed this part of the episode as well because Toriko really shows us how strong he truly is. He is able to take on Water Tiger, who is one of the strongest beasts in the world, and even seems to struggle fighting him. Toriko proves that he is worthy of being called the Gourmet Hunter.

The animation in this episode was decent, nothing really stood out to me though. I did enjoy the fight between Water Tiger and Toriko though and I thought it was one of the better fights with a beast we’ve seen in Toriko. The music fit well with the episode as well, however nothing really stood out to me either.

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