When it comes to anime, most often than not if you are a fan of it, you tend to take note of the girls who appear in it. Now, at times these girls may not be the main focus but there is always one character or another that you take notice of. These characters seem to have a connection with you and they are just so damn attractive!

Sometimes these girls are just there for the sake of being there but other times they are actually the reason why we enjoy anime in the first place. But whatever their role is, we tend to look at them and think “Oh, she’s so cute! She’s like one of my friends! I wish I could be her…but I can’t. She is too far away.” But then again, if you were also this character in an anime, it would probably be pretty damn awesome!

In this article, I will be bringing you a collection of the best anime girl memes. For me personally, when I see them, they make me feel happy. They make me laugh and sometimes even tear up a little. But then there are the other times when I see them and it makes me want to be all badass and shit! LOL! It’s like a bad boy/good boy thing, you know?

Now just for fun (and for you) I will want to have you play along with some of these memes in the comments section below!

10. Anime Girl Punching Wall

Anime Girl Punching Wall

This meme is pretty self-explanatory. As she tries to punch the wall, it’s not really clear whether she’s trying to break it or punch a hole through it. Either way, it’s an amusing meme that shows how strong and determined this character is. In this meme, it’s about the feeling you get whenever the internet doesnt connect successfully. We all know how frustrating that situation is.

9. Stop Touching My Food

Stop Touching My Food

In this meme, we see a girl with black hair. She’s wearing a school uniform and has her hands on her face. She looks very upset by what the person next to her is doing, saying “you can’t have any of these.”

8. It Doesn’t Work?

It Doesn’t Work

In this meme, we can see Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon looking very frustrated. The caption makes it clear that she’s in a similar situation to when the internet is not working.

7. You Can’t Date Me

You Can’t Date Me

We all know how waifus are. They always refuse to be with you because of the law of anime. In this meme, it’s pretty clear that she is trying to convince him that he can’t date her, just as any other waifu would do.

6. Netflix Adaptation

Netflix Adaptation

We have all known Netflix being very politically correct on the shows and movies they choose to adapt. This meme is a hilarious parody of the Netflix adaptation of animes, being very tonned down and family friendly.

5. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair

In this meme, we have heard our Waifu friends talking about their favorite anime girls having blonde and silky hair in their favorite anime series. Well, we’re here to prove you wrong. Not all blondes look as great as you thought.

4. Feels Good To Be The Best

Feels Good To Be The Best

We all know your favorite anime girls who are the best at everything they do, while looking ultra cool on screen and knowing the perfect lines in the right situations – damn, it’s good to be an anime girl sometimes.

3. The Love Of Bread

The Love Of Bread

Have you ever noticed how your favorite anime characters on screen devours a loaf of bread? Doesn’t it seem like the most delicious plain bread that you have seen? How’s that possible – that is still a mystery…

2. When Your Meme Doesn’t Get Upvotes

When Your Meme Doesn’t Get Upvotes

Don’t you feel like pointing a gun at your monitor when your meme doesn’t get upvotes? We all know what it feels like.

1. Subtitles


We all know how annoying it is when an epic fight scene in an anime has subtitles that are so large that it can be difficult to see what is going on in the scene. This meme is a reference to this fact, as well as the fact that most of these series have really dramatic music in their soundtrack. The caption is a play on words since “drama” also means exaggerated emotion.


We have come to the end of this article. I hope that you have enjoyed it and that you have learned a little bit about how memes work in general. It’s a cool little thing to know and it can come in handy if you ever need to reference something on the internet or just want to make a quick joke. So, I hope that you have enjoyed this article and I would love to hear your thoughts below!

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