One-Punch Man is an anime series that packs a serious punch with almost no filler. It follows the exploits of Saitama, a powerful hero who can defeat almost any adversary with a single punch.

The first season of the anime version of One-Punch Man follows closely to the manga series. But what makes One-Punch Man unique is that the manga itself is actually based on a web comic. The manga improves upon the art work and style of the web comic, while also making the tone of the story more serious in nature – which the anime series draws most of its material from.

How Much Filler is in One-Punch Man?

Updated on November, 8 2021

One-Punch Man has aired since 2015 and is still currently in production. A total of 24 episodes have been broadcasted. With no anime-only episodes, One-Punch Man is currently 0% filler.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes


Complete Filler List

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1The Strongest ManCanon10/04/2015
2The Lone CyborgCanon10/11/2015
3The Obsessive ScientistCanon10/18/2015
4The Modern NinjaCanon10/25/2015
5The Ultimate MasterCanon11/01/2015
6The Terrifying CityCanon11/08/2015
7The Ultimate DiscipleCanon11/15/2015
8The Deep Sea KingCanon11/22/2015
9Unyielding JusticeCanon11/29/2015
10Unparalleled PerilCanon12/06/2015
11The Dominator of the UniverseCanon12/13/2015
12The Strongest HeroCanon12/20/2015
13Return of the HeroCanon04/09/2018
14The Human MonsterCanon04/16/2019
15The Hunt BeginsCanon04/23/2019
16The Metal BatCanon04/30/2019
17The Martial Arts TournamentCanon05/07/2019
18The Monster UprisingCanon05/14/2019
19The Class S HeroesCanon05/21/2019
20The Resistance of the StrongCanon05/28/2019
21The Troubles of the StrongestCanon06/11/2019
22Justice Under SiegeCanon06/18/2019
23The Varieties of PrideCanon06/25/2019
24The Wiping of the DiscipleCanon07/02/2019

Our Guide to One-Punch Man Story Arcs

Saitama One-Punch Man

In One-Punch Man, the world is ravaged by powerful monsters. The world government forms a Hero Association to enlist superheroes to deal with the threat. That’s where Saitama comes in…

The protagonist of One-Punch Man is an unranked superhero with the ability to defeat almost any foe with a single punch, but he does it mostly for the fun of it.

The anime series follows Saitama as he begins to take this hero stuff more seriously and trains to enhance his skills and rise up in the ranks.

Canon Story Arc List

Season 1 of the anime adaptation is all canon. It covers most of the Introduction Saga and most of the Hero Association Saga, including the following story arcs:

Intoduction Saga:

  • Saitama Introduction Arc (Episode 1)
  • House of Evolution Arc (Episodes 2 – 3)
  • Paradise Group Arc (Episode 4)

Hero Association Saga:

  • National Superhero Registry Arc (Episodes 5 – 6)
  • Rumored Monster Arc (Episode 6)
  • Giant Meteor Arc (Episode 7)
  • Sea Monster Arc (Episodes 8 – 9)
  • Alien Conquerors Arc (Episodes 10 – 12)

Unlike the manga, Season 1 does not include the King Arc from the Hero Association Saga.

One-Punch Man Season 3 Premiere Date & Streaming

It has been several years since Season 1 and 2 were released, but thankfully eager fans can expect a 3rd season in the summer of 2022.

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