The Blue Exorcist anime, known in Japan as Ao no Exorcist (青の祓魔師), is an anime adaptation of Kazue Kato’s manga of the same name. The series was originally produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tensai Okamura. The series aired on Tokyo MX on April 17, 2011 and ran for 25 episodes until September 23, 2011.

Blue Exorcist Plot

The story of Blue Exorcist revolves around Rin Okumura, a boy who was raised among the exorcists of True Cross Academy. However, he finds out that he himself is the son of Satan when the academy’s headmaster brings him to the underworld and asks him to become an exorcist. At first he refuses but ends up joining them after seeing them defeat a demon that his father brought forth from his own body. He eventually learns how to control his powers as well as those of other exorcists at True Cross Academy with the help of his classmates Yukio Okumura and Shiemi Moriyama. In addition to fighting demons, Rin must also deal with his inner demons while trying to find out more about his heritage and why humans and demons are fighting.

How popular is Blue Exorcist?

Blue Exorcist has been quite popular since its release in 2011. The manga has sold over 7 million copies worldwide as of January 2018, and it was the 24th best selling manga series of 2017 in Japan. It has also won the Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga twice: once in 2012 and again in 2014. In addition, the show was also praised for its animation and soundtrack, as well as its ability to keep viewers invested through compelling characters.

How Much Filler is in Blue Exorcist?

There are a total of 10 filler episodes in the Blue Exorcist anime, which take place during the break between the manga’s first and second arcs. There are a total of 37 episodes in the series, which means that roughly 27% of the total episodes are filler.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

1-5, 7-10, 12-17, 26-37

Filler Episodes

6, 11, 18-25

Complete Filler List

1The Devil Resides in Human SoulsMostly Canon04/17/2011
2Gehenna GateMostly Canon04/24/2011
3BrothersMostly Canon05/01/2011
4The Garden of AmaharaCanon05/08/2011
5A Boy from the Cursed TempleCanon05/15/2011
6The Phantom ChefFiller05/22/2011
7A Flock of PloversCanon05/29/2011
8Now a Certain Man Was Sick...Canon06/05/2011
10Black CatCanon06/19/2011
11Demon of the Deep SeasFiller06/26/2011
12A Game of TagCanon07/03/2011
14A Fun Camping TripCanon07/17/2011
15Act of KindnessCanon07/24/2011
16The WagerMostly Canon07/31/2011
17TemptationMostly Canon08/07/2011
19An Ordinary DayFiller08/21/2011
21The Secret GardenFiller09/04/2011
24Satan's SpawnFiller09/25/2011
25Stop, TimeFiller10/02/2011
26Small BeginningsCanon01/07/2017
27Strange BedfellowsCanon01/14/2017
28Suspicion Will Raise BogiesCanon01/21/2017
29Act of TreacheryCanon01/28/2017
30Mysterious ConnectionsCanon02/04/2017
31A Wolf in Sheep's ClothingCanon02/11/2017
32Like a Fire Burning BrightCanon02/18/2017
33From Father to SonCanon02/25/2017
34Through Thick and ThinCanon03/04/2017
35Unbowed and UnbrokenCanon03/11/2017
36Shine Bright as the SunCanon03/18/2017
37Candid and OpenCanon03/25/2017

List of Filler Episodes for Blue Exorcist in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 6: The Phantom Chef

This is a filler episode, as the events of this episode did not happen in the manga.

It was revealed that the three girls who have been making lunches for Yukio were actually cooking for him. They do so because they’re infatuated with him and want to be his girlfriend. Later, Rin returns home with Yukio after school one day only to find that the girls are still there. They explain to Rin that they’re cooking dinner for them now and they have been doing it for approximately a month now. Yukio however, tells her that he can’t eat dinner, causing them to leave in disappointment. The next day at school, Rin finds out from Suguro that it’s Valentine’s Day and begins to wonder why no one told him. Rin realizes that everyone is getting into the spirit of A Single White Rose Day, which is the Valentine’s Day at school. After a while, he finally gets his rose from Yukio and begins to wonder if Yukio secretly had feelings for him all along. Later on, he decides to cook dinner for Yukio and himself. He also gives another rose to Yukio as well.

Episode 11: Demon of the Deep Seas

After defeating the giant sea monster, Rin and his friends are on a bus coming back home. Suddenly, the bus breaks down and Rin gets out to take a look. He sees a group of people who are trying to fix the busses tire. They explain that the culprit is a small boy with an umbrella. Rin realizes that it’s a demon and tries to get rid of it. But fails as it was too fast for him. The next day, he went to school as if nothing happened but Izumo noticed that he had scratch marks all over his body. So she asked him about it and Rin explained what happened yesterday with the little demon but no one believed him except for Izumo and Renzo (who was listening in).

Later, Rin and the others go to the beach. Unfortunately, there was a red tide which makes it dangerous for them to go in the water. As Rin and Izumo were about to go in, suddenly they see a boy who looks like Izumo except he has a scar on his face. He attacks Rin but fails because he’s too fast for him. So, he runs away. The next day at school, Izumo asked everyone if they’ve seen her look alike brother but no one has seen him except for Renzo (who was listening in again).

Later that night, while Rin is sleeping, a demon attacks him but disappears immediately. He wakes up the next day and sees that Izumo and Renzo were worried about him. He explains that a demon attacked him but they don’t believe him.

This episode is a filler episode because it is not related to the plot. This episode shows us that Izumo has a twin brother. However, she doesn’t remember him because she was very young when he was taken away from her and her mother by the Vatican. This episode also shows us that Rin is capable of getting injured.

Episode 18: Gufu

The story continues with the Exorcists taking over Midrashima and the exorcists are planning to take over the academy. However, this turns out to be a ruse by the Noah to have everyone in one place where they can be killed. The Noah start killing exorcists one by one with their illusions and it gives them the advantage as they have no real bodies to attack. Rin is able to defeat Sensui and save his comrades by using his blue flames that can destroy anything where they are engulfed in it.

This episode is a filler episode that was made to fill in the time while the mangaka is still working on the story.

The Exwires were having a very hard time fighting against the Noah as they were defeated one after another with no injuries. The Noah then set up a barrier around the school and planned to kill all of the exorcists there. However, they had a hard time attacking Mephisto because of his barrier that absorbed all their attacks. The Noah are able to trick Mephisto into thinking that Rin may be a potential candidate for joining their side if he was brainwashed and leaves him alive.

Episode 19: An Ordinary Day

The summary of this episode is about Izumo’s birthday and the Exwires’ effort to make a surprise party to her. During the party, Kamiki discovers that there are also people who have their birthdays already. She then claims that it should also be dedicated to those whose birthdays already passed.

This is a filler episode because it doesn’t relate to the main story of the anime and it has no relevance to the main plot. It was made just for entertainment.

The writers created this filler episode to give more insight of how the Exwires celebrate others’ birthdays. It is also for more character development as the audience can see how each of them reacts to the surprise party. It also gives some comedy and a slice of life theme to it.

Episode 20: Mask

Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura are the sons of Satan, and both are Exorcist. During their childhood, they were raised by an exorcist named Shiro Fujimoto who adopted them as his son. One day, Rin discovers that he is the son of Satan and he was born on the same day as Satan’s awakening. His mother was a demon who got pregnant with his father’s child after falling in love with him. A few months after Rin’s discovery, Yukio finds out that he is also the son of Satan and that Shiro is his real father. Shiro sacrifices himself to try to destroy Satan, but fails and loses his life in the process. Rin and Yukio then train themselves to become exorcist to fight against Satan.

This episode is a filler episode because it is basically a recap of what has happened before, but in a different way. The first part of the episode is a recap of the first season. Then it goes on to show Rin and Yukio’s daily life at the True Cross Academy. They are respected by many students for being sons of Satan, but they are also feared by many because they are the sons of Satan. A fellow classmate named Izumo Kamiki starts to have feelings for Rin, but this causes Rin to reject her and not accept her feelings for him because he thinks that she only likes him because he is the son of Satan. When she is near him, she has the ability to cast water magic and the ability to see the spirits of demons.

Episode 21: The Secret Garden

While Rin and Yukio were fighting Satan, someone from the Vatican kidnapped Shiro. The Vatican then took him to a secret laboratory, where they isolated Shiro’s soul inside a container.

Rin then comes to rescue Shiro but is interrupted by Mephisto, who told Rin that the Pope had ordered to keep Shiro alive. As Rin tries to fight Mephisto, both of them are transported into the same room as Shiro. There, they see Ernst Frederik Egin, who reveals himself be Rin’s great-grandfather and Satan’s twin. He also reveals that he was the one who sent Mephisto to save Shiro back in episode 16 “The True Nature of Exorcists”.

Ernst then takes Rin to a secret laboratory (supposedly belonging to the Vatican) where they learn that the Vatican has been experimenting on Shiro’s body, and have taken him off all his medication. Ernst wants Rin to join him in his revolution against the Vatican. He also reveals that Rin’s mother was killed by the Vatican for being a witch.

Meanwhile, Shiemi and Yukio are still at Exorcist Shop, looking for answers regarding Mephisto. All of a sudden, Shiemi finds a woman lying on the floor in their garden. She brings her inside and they learn that she is Michelle Neuhaus’ body, which has been possessed by one of Satan’s demons. The demon is then exorcised by Paladin Angel, who turns out to be Shiemi’s father.

After that, Mephisto once again talks with Rin, saying that he has truly changed into a demon now. He also tells Rin that the Great Cell is going to be destroyed due to Satan’s betrayal.

Finally, Rin decides to go and save Shiro with Ernst and Mephisto. The episode ends as they go to find him.

This episode is one of the most controversial episodes of Blue Exorcist. It was originally announced that the show would end at episode 22, but due to popular demand, the producers decided to continue with a second season instead. Because of this, this episode was not aired on TV and is only available on DVD/BD and online streaming sites such as Crunchyroll.

In Japan, there is no official explanation for why this episode is considered a filler episode. However, in Crunchyroll’s English subs for this episode, they have stated that it takes place in an alternate dimension that does not exist within the main story arc (i.e. it does not connect to any of the events depicted in episodes 17-21).

Episode 22: Demon-hunting

Rin Okumura and his friends are introduced to the new Exorcists led by Ernst Frederik Egin, who is the new leader of True Cross Order. Ernst issues a proclamation to all True Cross Order members, including Rin and Yukio, that he will exterminate all the Demons in Assiah and cleanse it from Gehenna. He then orders Yukio to become the new Paladin and lead a crusade against Demons.

To prepare for their upcoming battle, Yukio takes Rin and Shiemi to train with The Three Priests: Shura Kirigakure, Konekomaru Miwa, and Suguro Fujimoto. Along with them are also Shirō Fujimoto and Renzo Shima, who are both Exorcists.

This episode was originally supposed to be a part of the main series. It was actually written before the ending of the anime series, but it was decided that it would be too dark for children and was thus made into a filler.

Mephisto is not in this episode, as he only appears in the last episode of the series during Rin and Yukio’s final battle with Satan.

This episode focuses on Yukio Okumura as he starts his new job at True Cross Academy as a Paladin and leader of the Exorcists. He also receives his new weapon: a special sword that drains blood from all Demons it cuts to create an elixir called Demon Blood (the same elixir that Father Fujimoto used to heal Rin’s arm). Rin also gets his new katana, but he has yet to be given his own demon-sealing arm.

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