Maid-Sama! (メイドさまっ!) is a 2011 Japanese comedy shōjo anime series based on Hiro Fujiwara’s manga of the same name. The show aired between April and September 2011, with 26 episodes in total. A sequel called Maid Sama! OVA (メイドさまっ! OVA) was released in 2013 and contained an additional 2 episodes.

Maid-Sama! Plot

Maid-Sama! centers around Misaki Ayuzawa, a high school student who has to keep her two personas separated when at school and at home. She works as the student council president of Seika High School and is known to be very strict in enforcing rules and getting students to behave properly. However, when she gets home, she turns into a typical high school girl who lives with her family maids. One day, the new transfer student Usui Takumi discovers her secret and blackmails her into letting him join the student council as its vice president so that he can make friends and learn more about the girl he has fallen for.

How popular is Maid-Sama! ?

The original manga for Maid Sama! was a major hit in both Japan and the United States. It was first published in Japan by Shueisha in April 2008, and as of December 2017, 27 volumes have been published. The manga has sold over 6 million copies worldwide as of December 2017. It was also ranked #10 on the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! by Takarajimasha Inc. survey. In addition, the manga won the shōjo manga category in the 38th Kodansha Manga Award in 2011.

The show has also gained popularity with fans for its cute cast of characters and its funny story line. However, some people have criticized it for being predictable at times and for having a weak ending compared to its beginning.

How Much Filler is in Maid-Sama! ?

There are no filler episodes in Maid Sama!, which are episodes that do not take place in the manga. There are a total of 26 episodes in the series. Let’s take a recap at the episodes in chronological order that are not fillers, but still interesting nonetheless.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes


Filler Episodes

Complete Filler List

1Misa is a Maid-Sama!Canon04/01/2010
2Maid-Sama at the School FestivalCanon04/08/2010
3What Color is Misaki? Natural Color?Canon04/15/2010
4Net Idol AoiCanon04/22/2010
5First Time Minding the ShopCanon04/29/2010
6Men & the Ayuzawa Cram SchoolCanon05/06/2010
7Enter the Student Council President of MiyabigaokaCanon05/13/2010
8Misaki Goes to MiyabigaokaCanon05/20/2010
9Maid Sama Does MomotaroCanon05/27/2010
10Sakura's Indie-Label LoveCanon06/03/2010
11The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches!Canon06/10/2010
12Maid Sama & the Sports FestivalCanon06/17/2010
13Idiots & Juveniles & Heroes &...Canon06/24/2010
14Soutarou Kano of Class 1-7Canon07/01/2010
15Bespectacled Rabbit at the Open CampusCanon07/08/2010
16Maid Latte at the Beach HouseCanon07/15/2010
17Usui Becomes the EnemyCanon07/22/2010
18Maid Sama is a FootmanCanon07/29/2010
19Footmen Through a Change of PairsCanon08/05/2010
20The Vice President is a Prince?! Aoi & Her Fun Companions
21Usui's Rival?! Hinata ShintaniCanon08/19/2010
22Tag at the Forest SchoolCanon08/26/2010
23Maid Latte & a Whole Bunch of SweetsCanon09/02/2010
24Lovey-Dovey Through Latte MagicCanon09/09/2010
25Hinata & Misaki & UsuiCanon09/16/2010
26Too-Cruel Ayuzawa & Usui the Idiot!Canon09/23/2010

List of episodes for Maid-Sama! in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 1: Misa is a Maid-Sama!

This episode reveals Misaki’s backstory and reasons for working as a maid. It establishes Misaki’s personality as a strict, serious, and overachiever student who is admired by her peers. Her strictness causes problems for her fellow council members since they are unable to make other decisions without consulting her first. Misaki is also seen as a charismatic leader who is capable of controlling the student body through propaganda posters made by the student council members. However, Misaki’s strict adherence to rules causes problems with the three idiots at school who keep breaking school rules such as being late to class or skipping out on cleaning duty. After Takumi intervenes in the scene where the Idiot Trio harasses Misaki, she thanks Takumi for his help. He teases her about becoming his maid, but is rejected by Misaki.

Misaki also reveals that she works at a maid café to support her family financially since her father left them with a large debt. Her strict adherence to the rules of the student council is due to her fear that she would not be able to support her family if she did not maintain a high GPA in school, which would result in financial aid being cut off. Takumi understands Misaki’s reasons for working and decides to help her by managing the café for two weeks so that Misaki can have time off from work. However, Takumi’s presence causes problems at the cafe for the other girls since they are unable to seduce male customers like Takumi. Eventually, Misaki begins to loosen up around Takumi after he helps her with her problems at school and at the café.

This episode also features a lot of fanservice due to scene where Misaki is changing into her uniform. When she is alone in the changing room, Takumi hides under the bed to watch Misaki change. When he makes a comment about how beautiful Misaki looks when she bends over, she hits him on the head before exiting the changing room. A maid from another cafe named Nene also appears in this episode and helps Misaki out by giving her advice about how to keep customers happy and to have fun while working. Nene is shown wearing an outfit similar to that of a French maid costume.

This episode features a pop group named “The Maid Girls” who appear in the café and perform “Love Love Otome”, the opening theme song for the anime. The song is a pop-rock song with techno-pop elements. The lyrics of the song are about a girl who dreams of being a princess.

Episode 2: Maid-Sama at the School Festival

This episode is mainly about the annual school festival. The boys are trying to get more girls to join their class. Misaki is trying to improve the image of the school, as well as encouraging more girls to enroll. However, the boys are using their activity proposals to sexually exploit the girls. Misaki tries to stop them from doing this, but they just ignore her.

They eventually ask Takumi for help in persuading her, but he doesn’t do so because he’s sick of them and just wants Misaki to give up and let them do what they want. He then tells her that she will eventually be hated by everyone if she continues on like this, and it will all be her fault for not letting go of her issues.

The class’s three girls then come up with a plan to hold a café for the school festival, but they only have one day to prepare. On the day of the festival, Misaki decides that her class should just go all out and advertise their café no matter what the boys do. She then finds out that the boys of her class are cosplaying in period military outfits and taking over the café and rounding up girls as prisoners. She scolds the boys, but they turn on her and leave the girls to run the event by themselves. Takumi helps them out, and Misaki is annoyed at him for doing so.

The boys then return to help properly run their event, making it a success. During their festival bonfire, Takumi finds Misaki resting under a tree. He tells her that he did it because she was so busy taking care of the girls that she didn’t have time to eat and drink anything. He then teases her about being his personal maid.

The episode is mainly about Misaki and the boys. Her relationship with Takumi is an important point in this episode, revealing that he is actually concerned for her and understands her. She, on the other hand, is still hostile towards the boys, especially Takumi because of his past actions and teasing.

Misaki’s relationship with the girls of her class is also developed here. It is clear that there are only three girls in class 2-2 who are willing to associate with Misaki. However, Misaki has a good relationship with them and they appear to be very close friends. This shows that Misaki can have a good relationship with the girls she likes if she gives them a chance.

Episode 3: What Color is Misaki? Natural Color?

This episode is about Misaki’s transformation into the “White Maid Ranger”. The first of her costumes is a maid outfit with a white helmet and a white cape, which becomes her main outfit for most of the series.

The plot for this episode is when Misaki is having trouble acting like a “little sister” to Takumi, so she decides to do some research on it. She visits her little sister and acts like a little sister, but also asks her questions about being a little sister. She does this with some of her customers including Takumi, who can be seen as either an older brother or big brother figure in this episode (and later in the entire series).

The climax occurs when Misaki finally gets it right and is beginning to have fun with it, Takumi comes in and turns her efforts into a failure. He annoys Misaki so much that she finally yells at him, which everyone present finds adorable. Takumi tells her to stop it and tries to leave, but she stops him. In the process, she gets hurt by a ladder someone had fallen from and asks Takumi to bandage the wound for her.

In this episode, both Misaki’s little sister and Satsuki play an important role in the plot.

This episode is also when Misaki first transforms into the “White Maid Ranger”, which she uses the most throughout the series. She also becomes the leader of the “Maid Rangers”, a group of men working in Maid Latte who dress up as women and entertain their customers.

Episode 4: Net Idol Aoi

In this episode, the relationship between Takumi and Misaki is made more clear: Takumi sees Misaki as a sister figure. Misaki sees Takumi as someone who can be relied upon. Aoi accepts Misaki as a girl and that fact that she is in love with Takumi. Aoi also realizes that his cross-dressing was wrong since it caused him to run away from home.

Aoi’s character is introduced here. His love for cute things, his desire to wear cute clothes, and his innocent personality are all traits that are important to the development of other characters in later episodes, especially when he returns. At the end of the episode, Aoi sends Misaki a cute dress, trying to flatter her.

This episode is interesting because it opens up more ways to look at the characters and their relationships with each other. Aoi’s character is introduced, which will have an impact later on. The conflict between Misaki and Aoi points out their personality differences and creates a new way to look at them. The development of Takumi’s character is also worth noting, as it shows his more mature, protective side.

Episode 5: First Time Minding the Shop

Misaki tells Usui that she has something to show him. She takes him to a café and he is surprised to see that she works there. After she leaves, Usui continues to watch her working and is shocked as to how much energy she had. He also notices that the customers are all happy so he decides to talk with them about their experience.

On the next day Misaki shows up to work in a new outfit, the one Usui saw her wearing last night in his dream. She tells him that it was made for her by one of her customers who has a tailoring shop and asks Usui if he likes it. He tells her that he does but before he can elaborate on his answer, she tells him it was not a real question but just a way of teasing him.

Usui later gets a call from Satsuki telling him to talk with Misaki about stalker letters that went to the café. He pretends to kidnap Misaki and tell her about the stalker letters. She does not take it seriously as she has never received any letter nor had any experience of being stalked so she laughs at Usui’s warning.

On the next day, while closing the shop all by herself, she gets caught by some men who turn out to be her regular customers. They are holding her mouth shut with tape and handcuffing her hands behind her back. When Usui arrives, he finds them in that state and is shocked. He later reveals that he was the one who had called them to Maid Latte to talk about the stalker letters. Misaki then tells him that she already knew who they were as she used to visit their restaurant until they had moved away.

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