This guide is for the filler episodes of the D.Gray-Man anime series, which are partially canon as they’re still part of the original storyline but they’re not covered in the manga. So here’s a guide to fill you in on what happens in each episode and why it’s important to the main storyline.

What is D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It tells the story of a young man known as Allen Walker, who becomes an exorcist for the Black Order to fight against the Millennium Earl and his Akuma servants.

The anime series was produced by TMS Entertainment and directed by Osamu Nabeshima. It is based on the manga written by Katsura Hoshino with character designs provided by Takahiro Yoshimatsu, art direction by Tetsuya Endo, and music composed by Yusuke Honma. The episodes are being released in Japan from April 4, 2006 to March 28, 2007 with a total of 54 episodes aired overall.

D.Gray-Man Plot

D.Gray-Man takes place in the 19th century, during the Victorian era, in an alternate version of Earth, with some technological advances. The series’ story follows a young Exorcist Allen Walker, who joined an organization named Black Order and works to gain the power to destroy a creature called akuma and stop the Millennium Earl from destroying humanity.

The series begins when Allen Walker, a 15-year-old Exorcist and his mentor are on a mission to recover lost Innocence located at the North American Branch when they find themselves attacked by an akuma named Alma Karma. During their fight with Alma Karma, Allen’s right arm was cut off by him but is saved by his master using Innocence in his arm to seal Alma Karma away.

Allen receives new powers from his master after he was saved but gets injured during that time and is put into a yearlong coma. After he wakes up from his coma, he learns that the North American Branch fell into chaos after Alma Karma escaped from him and is now attacking people on their own will while still being controlled by him.

Allen decides to go on a journey after learning more about exorcists in order to find out how he can get his arm back and protect others. He soon befriends Lenalee Lee, who joins him on his journey to find her brother Lavi who is missing.

How Much Filler is in D.Gray-Man?

The filler episodes are additional episodes that were not in the original storyline of the manga. The anime series was written by Nobuhiro Takamoto who also wrote episodes for the Inuyasha anime series and directed by Osamu Nabeshima, an episode director from Saint Seiya FLCL.

There are a total of 116 episode with 22% filler episodes in D.Gray-Man anime series.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

1-13, 19-24, 26, 28, 37-40, 51-116

Filler Episodes

14-18, 25, 27, 29-36, 41-50

Complete Filler List

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1The Boy Who Hunts AkumaCanon10/03/2006
2The Black OrderCanon10/10/2006
3The Ghost of MaterCanon10/17/2006
4Old Man of the Soil and a Lonely Night's AriaCanon10/24/2006
5Let Me Hear the LullabyCanon10/31/2006
6That Which Calls Forth DisasterCanon11/07/2006
7Tombstone of MemoriesCanon11/14/2006
8The Black Order Annihilation IncidentCanon11/21/2006
9The Rewinding TownCanon11/28/2006
10The Bad Luck Woman's InnocenceCanon12/05/2006
11Miranda Lotto's FeelingsCanon12/12/2006
12And Snow Falls Over the TownCanon12/19/2006
13With the CoatCanon12/26/2006
14The Leaf of RevivalFiller01/09/2007
15Beyond the SnowstormFiller01/16/2007
16Millennium SwordsmanFiller01/23/2007
17Pride of the SwordsmenFiller01/30/2007
18Lenalee's LoveFiller02/06/2007
19Vampire of the Solitary CastleCanon02/13/2007
20Go For It, Exorcists!Canon02/20/2007
21Krory AttacksCanon02/27/2007
22The Truth About EliadeCanon03/06/2007
23The Vampire Whom I LovedCanon03/13/2007
24Krory's New BeginningCanon03/20/2007
25The General's ChainsFiller03/27/2007
26The Beginning of the EndMostly Canon04/03/2007
27My Mentor, General CrossFiller04/10/2007
28Exorcist KroryCanon04/17/2007
29The One Who Sells Souls, Part 1Filler04/24/2007
30The One Who Sells Souls, Part 2Filler05/01/2007
31Lost MirandaFiller05/08/2007
32Mysterious Ghost ShipFiller05/15/2007
33The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 1Filler05/22/2007
34The Village Where a Witch Lives, Part 2Filler05/29/2007
35Exorcist Clad in WindFiller06/05/2007
36Shroud of DarknessFiller06/12/2007
37Charity BellCanon06/19/2007
38Froi TiedollCanon06/26/2007
39Silent CoffinsCanon07/03/2007
40Requiem RoseCanon07/10/2007
41A New AssassinFiller07/17/2007
42The Black Cat's TrapsFiller07/24/2007
43The Wandering Stone StatueFiller07/31/2007
44Iron Fan MaidFiller08/07/2007
45Strange MansionFiller08/14/2007
46Illusions in the SnowFiller08/21/2007
47The Crystal GirlFiller08/28/2007
48Wavering AccommodatorFiller09/04/2007
49Lulu Bell's BellFiller09/11/2007
50Feelings of DevotionFiller09/18/2007
51Set Sail, to the EastCanon09/25/2007
53Fallen OneCanon10/09/2007
54The Beginning of the Night of the EndCanon10/16/2007
55A ScreamCanon10/23/2007
57Loss and ReunionCanon11/06/2007
58Asian BranchCanon11/13/2007
59The Road of the PledgedCanon11/20/2007
61Sinking DarknessCanon12/04/2007
62Maiden Who Has Fallen into DarknessCanon12/11/2007
63Ship Stalled, Girl Remains AbsentMostly Canon12/18/2007
64MessageMostly Canon12/25/2007
66Confusion and ImpatienceCanon01/15/2008
67Heading to EdoCanon01/22/2008
70God's ClownCanon02/12/2008
71The Name ChronicledCanon02/19/2008
72Showdown in the CapitalCanon02/26/2008
73Kanda Joins the BattleCanon03/04/2008
74Edo AnnihilatedCanon03/11/2008
75Clown and AugusteCanon03/18/2008
76A Key and Noah's DoorsCanon03/25/2008
77The Skinn Bolic RoomCanon04/01/2008
78Forbidden Skill, Sangen StyleCanon04/08/2008
79Noah's MemoryCanon04/15/2008
80The Twins' TrapsCanon04/22/2008
81Debt CrisisCanon04/29/2008
82Bad GameCanon05/06/2008
83Jasdevi Enters the SceneCanon05/13/2008
84Bloody KroryCanon05/20/2008
85Dark-Colored RhapsodyCanon05/27/2008
86Weak HumansCanon06/03/2008
87Transcendent OneCanon06/10/2008
89Voice of DarknessCanon06/24/2008
90Black CarnivalCanon07/01/2008
92Shadow of the PlayerCanon07/15/2008
95Lamb and DogCanon08/05/2008
96Still the Clock TicksCanon08/12/2008
97Attack on HeadquartersCanon08/19/2008
98The Power of GeneralsCanon08/26/2008
99The Noah of LustCanon09/02/2008
100Level 4Canon09/09/2008
101To the God I Hate So MuchCanon09/16/2008
102The PromiseCanon09/23/2008
103Echoes in the Long MorningCanon09/30/2008
104HALLOW: The FourteenthCanon07/04/2016
105HALLOW: Lonely BoyCanon07/11/2016
106HALLOW: It'll Be Fine If I Wash My FaceCanon07/18/2016
107HALLOW: Blood CrusadeCanon07/25/2016
108HALLOW: Alma KarmaCanon08/01/2016
109HALLOW: friendCanon08/08/2016
110HALLOW: The Truth about a Sterile FlowerCanon08/15/2016
111HALLOW: AwakeningCanon08/22/2016
112HALLOW: Little Good-ByeCanon08/29/2016
113HALLOW: Sinner in DespairCanon09/05/2016
114HALLOW: Hidden OneCanon09/12/2016
115HALLOW: My HomeCanon09/19/2016
116HALLOW: WalkerCanon09/26/2016

List of filler episodes for D.Gray-Man in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 14: The Leaf of Revival

Lavi gets captured by a group of masked men who intend to experiment on him. They are after the Innocence inside his body, but Kanda manages to save him and destroy the Innocence in the process.

The first filler episode is good for a laugh, but it’s funny mostly because it’s so utterly ridiculous. The characters we love from the main story are gone and replaced with generic characters we don’t care about at all. The plot is silly – especially Lavi trying to eat and then getting rid of a piece of Innocence inside him – and, as mentioned above, there’s no reason for this episode to exist except as a commercial break filler.

Episode 15: The End of the Snowstorm

Allen, Lavi and Kanda continue their search for the Leaf of Revival, which they have yet to find.

The Earl dispatches the three Level 2 Akuma to retrieve it from Allen.

The three Level 2 Akuma was never shown to have encountered Allen prior to this episode. Therefore, their search for Innocence, which they assumed to be a human, is quite nonsensical.

Episode 16: The Millennium Swordsman

Lenalee, Allen, Kanda and Krory are all sent to Italy to search for Innocence. They first meet the daughter of an Italian nobleman who is kidnapped. Meanwhile, Kanda is forced to fight a deranged swordsman.

This is a filler arc, which has no bearing on the plot of the main story. The purpose was to replace the unaired episodes of the season.

Episode 17: The Pride of the Swordsmen

By transferring his own Innocence into a local plant, Allen is able to lure Victorio into the same trap. When Victorio attempts to retrieve the Innocence, Allen attacks him and manages to steal back his sword. However, before he can destroy it, his body begins to reject his Innocence and transform back into a white akuma, and as he dies he tells Allen that it was an honor to be killed by the “son of Mana”.

Kanda is still in shock after discovering that Yuu died long ago, but is brought back to reality when Lenalee calls for him. She informs him that the gates have been shut and they are safe from the akumas for now. However, Kanda replies that this does not matter since he has nothing left to protect. Allen tries to comfort him by telling him that even though they have lost their friends, they must continue fighting for those still alive.

This is a filler episode, but it is a good example of the series’s themes and characters.

Episode 18: Lenalee’s Love

Komui is having a hard time trying to get Lenalee into a relationship and when Lenalee goes out with Jake Russell he starts getting suspicious.

He decides to follow them with Komlin II, and he gets caught by Allen Walker of course.

Also this episode is so random as Komui just goes around town with the robot, even though they seem like they are going somewhere, they really are not.

Komui becomes even more suspicious of Lenalee’s relationship with Jake when he sees her kissing him on the cheek. He becomes obsessed with destroying him, which makes for an overall hilarious episode. In the end, the Akuma tries to kill Lenalee but Allen saves her and defeats it. The other Exorcists also start calling Komui “Kuumin” because of his obsession over Rinne’s sister.

Episode 25: The General’s Chain

This is not a filler episode; it simply does not fit into the flow of the story and is an effort to make the series longer.

In this episode, Allen was sent to deliver a replacement golem to Yeegar. Allen finds Yeegar fighting off a group of akuma. Yeegar tells Allen that he has been fighting off Akuma for a long time, and that he had one student who was turned into an Akuma. He then says that the Black Order is doing a good job at keeping Akuma away from innocent people.

This episode is filler because it does not fit into the storyline that has been created thus far. It is simply an effort to extend the series by adding in more episodes. The creator of this anime wanted to create more episodes, so he simply added in filler episodes like this one.

Episode 27: My Mentor, General Cross

The Earl switches his target from the generals to a child who is capable of becoming an exorcist. Allen and Lenalee meet up with General Cross in Liverpool, the city where Allen and Cross met fifteen years ago. The two of them reminisce about the time when Allen first met Cross, before he was taken to be raised at the Order.

Cross’ resident informant tells them that there have been more reports of Akumas appearing in London, so the Earl may be headed there next. Cross is angered that England is being attacked, since it has historically been one of the most supportive countries towards Noah Family matters. He starts taking charge again, telling them to prepare for battle, but Allen asks him if he’s really ok with leaving his friends and family behind just for some mission. This makes Cross remember what Komui told him about Allen’s doubts about being an exorcist and how he has always had a hard time living as one. In order for Allen to move forward on his own, he needs to first decide what kind of person he wants to be.

The Earl sends a Level 3 Akuma after a young boy who can become an exorcist. The Earl states that this boy will be his next vessel for his resurrection. Allen and Lenalee are left to fight the Level 3, and they are able to defeat it. The Earl is not at all pleased with this, and he sends a Level 4 Akuma after them.

This is a filler episode because it is a non-canonical plot. This episode did not happen in the canon storyline of the manga.

Episode 29: The Person Who Sells Souls – Part 1

This episode is a filler as it does not involve the main plot of the story. The episode’s plot serves to expand the world of D.Gray-man and explain more about the Akuma and how they are created.

It is explained that when people lose their loved ones in tragic circumstances, they can be tempted to become an Akuma by the Millennium Earl. The Millennium Earl creates the Akuma to destroy mankind and create a world where no one has to suffer any more pain.

The filler plot explains how ordinary people are tempted into becoming Akuma. The episode also shows Allen, Lenalee and their friends as compassionate and empathetic people who try to help those around them.

Episode 30: The Person Who Sells Souls – Part 2

Lenalee is taking care of a patient, and when she is off duty, she goes to the director’s office. She tries to look around the office but there is nothing suspicious in there. Meanwhile, Komui comes to town and asks the trainees if they have seen Lenalee.

Lenalee finds a letter which was in the director’s office, saying that Komui asked him to find her. Meanwhile, Komui realizes that Lenalee isn’t at headquarters and goes back to town with a new trainee.

Meanwhile, another doctor tells Lenalee that he thinks Riza was poisoned because she knew too much about what the director was doing.

The doctor shows lenalee some medicine from Riza’s locker which he believes she tried to use on herself before she died.

This is a filler episode, because the overall plot of the series carries on as normal, and this episode is used to explore the characters, and doesn’t fit into the main storyline.

Episode 31: Lost Miranda

This is a filler episode that takes place during the timeskip between the end of the anime’s first season and the beginning of its second season.

This episode’s plot is very similar to one of the chapters in the first D.Gray-Man manga, which also has a pickpocket named Miranda who gets lost in London while trying to deliver a message to Komui Lee, and ends up getting involved with Lavi and Lenalee as well. The roles are switched around slightly, with Lenalee getting lost instead of Miranda.

This filler episode also shows that although Miranda is a capable exorcist, she does not seem to be able to control her Innocence very well; especially when it activates by itself. This may be an indication that she is too young for such stress, which is why she failed her exam at the Black Order.

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