This is the Fan-made Anime Filler Guide. It contains spoilers and summaries of the anime filler episodes and the manga they were based on.

What is Yu Yu Hakusho?

Yu Yu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書, Yū Yū Hakusho?) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. The story follows Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who is struck and killed by a car while trying to save a child’s life. His spirit is brought before the King of the Underworld, Enma Daio, who offers him a chance to return to Earth as a “spirit detective” or “reaper” in exchange for solving cases involving ghosts and demons.

The manga was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine from December 1990 to July 1994, when it moved to the monthly magazine called chapters of the collected volumes. The chapters were collected into 18 tankobon volumes released under Shueisha’s Jump Comics imprint between April 22, 1992, and May 17, 1994. The manga was later adapted into an anime television series produced by Fuji Television, YuYu Hakusho (幽☆遊☆白書?, lit. “Ghost Files”). It premiered across Japan on Fuji TV on October 12, 1992, and ran for 114 episodes until its conclusion on October 26, 2018.

Yu Yu Hakusho Plot

The series focuses on Yusuke Urameshi, a street-brawling delinquent who is struck and killed by a car while attempting to save a child’s life. His spirit is retrieved by Botan, a ferrywoman for the Underworld, and he is revived in the form of a fourteen-year-old child. Yusuke is installed as the detective of the afterlife and must solve cases involving demons and apparitions.

How Much Filler is in Yu Yu Hakusho?

A total of 114 episodes aired with a low filler rate of 4%.

Quick Filler & Canon Lists

Canon Episodes

1-106, 110, 112-113

Filler Episodes

107-109, 111, 114

Complete Filler List

#Episode TitleTypeAired
1Surprised to be DeadCanon10/10/1992
2Koenma AppearsCanon10/17/1992
3Kuwabara: A Promise Between MenCanon10/24/1992
4Requirements for LoversCanon10/31/1992
5Yusuke's BackCanon11/07/1992
6Three MonstersCanon11/14/1992
7Gouki and KuramaCanon11/21/1992
8The Three Eyes of HieiCanon11/28/1992
9The Search BeginsCanon12/05/1992
10Kuwabara's Spirit SwordCanon12/12/1992
11Hard Fights for YusukeMostly Canon12/19/1992
12Rando Rises, Kuwabara FallsCanon12/26/1992
13Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 AttacksMostly Canon01/09/1993
14The Beasts of Maze CastleCanon01/16/1993
15Genbu, the Stone BeastCanon01/23/1993
16Byakko, the White TigerCanon01/30/1993
17Byakko's LairCanon02/06/1993
18Seiryu, the Blue DragonCanon02/13/1993
19Suzaku, Leader of the BeastsCanon02/20/1993
20Seven Ways to DieCanon02/27/1993
21Yusuke's SacrificeCanon03/06/1993
22Lamenting BeautyCanon03/13/1993
23The Toguro Brothers GangCanon03/20/1993
24The Deadly TriadCanon03/27/1993
25Kuwabara's Fight of LoveCanon04/10/1993
26Toguro ReturnsCanon04/17/1993
27The Dark Tournament BeginsCanon04/24/1993
28First FightCanon05/01/1993
29Flowers of BloodCanon05/08/1993
30Dragon of the Darkness FlameCanon05/15/1993
31Stumbling WarriorCanon05/22/1993
32Knife Edge Death-MatchCanon05/29/1993
33A Day in WaitingCanon06/05/1993
34Percentage of VictoryCanon06/12/1993
35Glimpse Beneath the MaskCanon06/19/1993
36Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of LightCanon06/26/1993
37Master of DisguiseCanon07/03/1993
38Kurama's StandCanon07/10/1993
39Crushing RevengeCanon07/17/1993
40Jin, the Wind MasterCanon07/24/1993
41Reverse DecisionsCanon07/31/1993
42A Master of Love and DeathCanon08/07/1993
43The Masked Fighter RevealedCanon08/14/1993
44Yusuke's Final TestCanon08/21/1993
45Hiei Battles OnCanon08/28/1993
46Many Faces, Many FormsCanon09/04/1993
47Legendary Bandit: Yoko KuramaCanon09/11/1993
48The Cape of No ReturnCanon09/18/1993
49Genkai's StrengthCanon09/25/1993
50Suzuka's ChallengeCanon10/02/1993
52The Death of GenkaiCanon10/16/1993
53Overcoming GriefCanon10/23/1993
54The Beginning of the EndCanon10/30/1993
55The Beast Within the DarkCanon11/06/1993
56Yoko's MagicCanon11/13/1993
57Beneath Bui's ArmorCanon11/20/1993
58Wielder of the DragonCanon11/27/1993
59The Shadow of Elder ToguroCanon12/04/1993
60Sakyo's ProposalCanon12/11/1993
61Yusuke vs. ToguroCanon12/18/1993
62Toguro's Full PowerCanon12/25/1993
63Yusuke's DespairCanon01/08/1994
64Toguro's DesireCanon01/15/1994
65Out With a BangCanon01/22/1994
66Toguro's WishCanon01/29/1994
67Return to Living WorldCanon02/05/1994
68Setting the TrapCanon02/12/1994
69The Power of TabooCanon02/19/1994
70Genkai's RuseCanon02/26/1994
71The TunnelCanon03/05/1994
72The ReaderCanon03/12/1994
73The Doctor's DiseaseCanon03/19/1994
74Sleep, Doctor, SleepCanon03/26/1994
75Caught in the RainCanon04/02/1994
76Kuwabara: AwakeningCanon04/09/1994
77Sensui's FallCanon04/16/1994
78Divide and ConquerCanon04/23/1994
79The Human RaceCanon04/30/1994
80Moving TargetCanon05/07/1994
81Let the Games BeginCanon05/14/1994
82If You Could Play ForeverCanon05/21/1994
83Game OverCanon05/28/1994
84Kurama's Anger, Gourmet's GuestCanon06/04/1994
85Spirit Detective ShowdownCanon06/11/1994
86The Difference MakerCanon06/18/1994
87Power Between the TeethCanon06/25/1994
88The True Face of SensuiCanon07/02/1994
89Death of a Spirit DetectiveCanon07/09/1994
90Attempting RevengeCanon07/16/1994
91Waking the LostCanon07/23/1994
92The ProofCanon07/30/1994
93Sensui's EndCanon08/06/1994
95Yusuke's DestinyCanon08/20/1994
96Three Strangers, Three KingsCanon08/27/1994
97Departing Living WorldCanon09/03/1994
98Return to Demon WorldCanon09/10/1994
99Haunted by the PastCanon09/17/1994
100The Secret of the JaganCanon09/24/1994
101Reunion of the BanditsCanon10/01/1994
102Torn Between IdentitiesCanon10/08/1994
104Every Demon for HimselfCanon10/22/1994
105The PreliminariesCanon10/29/1994
106The Battle of Father and SonCanon11/05/1994
107The Demon World Tournament BeginsFiller11/12/1994
108Farewell, KuramaFiller11/19/1994
109Love and WarFiller11/26/1994
110A Reason to FightCanon12/03/1994
112To the FutureCanon12/17/1994
113TWO SHOTSCanon10/26/2018
114All or NothingFiller10/26/2018

List of filler episodes for Yu Yu Hakusho in chronological order – Learn if it is worth watching

Episode 107: The Demon World Tournament Begins

Kurama is initially against Raizen’s decision of having the local tournament promoter, Rui, to hold the Dark Tournament in his place, since he believes that Rui isn’t a worthy match for him. However, after seeing the strength of many of his friends who were participating in the tournament, Kurama decides to join it after all.

This episode begins with the start of the third fight, as Mitarai faces Abe in battle. Mitarai is able to gain the upper hand against his opponent, even though he is at a disadvantage due to his inability to use any of his tricks. However, Abe manages to break through his defenses by utilizing an invisible reflective barrier between him and Mitarai. With this, he manages to gain the upper hand in the battle. Mitarai is then injured by a powerful attack that damages his body and causes him to cough up blood.

Kurama teleports in at this moment, and challenges Abe to a fight instead. Kurama seems to have gained a lot of power since their last battle, but Abe isn’t intimidated and decides to take on Kurama anyway. Kurama uses one of his more powerful techniques on him, but Abe’s barrier manages to block it again. After this he tries another technique on Abe that almost breaks through the barrier, but instead it gives off an explosion that damages both combatants equally. The battle continues with Kurama using another of his techniques on him that seems like it will work this time around only for it too be blocked by the barrier one more time for both fighters.

This is a filler episode as it doesn’t have any connection to the main plot and has no real bearing on the rest of the story. It was most likely added in as a way to show how strong all of the demons are that Rui invited to the tournament.

In addition, Mitarai’s defeat at the hands of Abe is also another reason why this is a filler episode. It is clear that Mitarai isn’t a very powerful demon since he lost to Abe in one blow.

Finally, Kurama’s invitation to fight and defeat Abe is another reason why it was included as filler. His challenge to Abe could have been easily ignored if it was part of the main plot, as he would have had no reason to do so. However, since this fight stems from a filler episode, it makes sense for Kurama to want to challenge him after seeing his power in the tournament.

Episode 108: Farewell, Kurama

Kurama is battling Shigure, a demon hunter who has been sent to kill him. Shigure is very skilled and is using both blades and magic to try and defeat Kurama. Kurama has the upper hand, but he doesn’t want to kill Shigure, because he can’t bring himself to do so. He finally uses his full power against Shigure defeating him.

This episode of Yu Yu Hakusho was a filler episode that aired between episodes 107 and 108 of the anime series. It was created in order to provide more character development for Kurama as he goes through some inner struggles over how he feels about being human again, and his conflicting views on whether or not it is right for him to kill humans or demons who are threatening the lives of others. The fact that this episode focused on developing Kurama’s character was a good decision on the part of the creators of Yu Yu Hakusho , because it gave you a better understanding about his character before his relationship with Hiei becomes much more tense in later episodes of the anime series, especially during their battle against Sensui’s team in episode 112 of Yu Yu Hakusho .

The reason why this particular episode was classified as filler material is because it did not advance the overall storyline of Yu Yu Hakusho any further. Kurama’s relationship with his human identity is fully developed by the end of this episode, and there is nothing that happens in this episode that would affect the way that Kurama and Hiei will fight against Sensui’s team in later episodes. It does show Kurama’s character at a different point than he was in during episodes 107 and 108, but it doesn’t have an effect on his role in future episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho .

Episode 109: Love and War

The episode starts out with Hiei and Mukuro in a battle. Each seem to be evenly matched, neither one able to gain the upper hand.

The episode then switches back a few days earlier, where Mukuro is getting ready for the battle. It shows that he’s planning on not holding back, and he’s training hard to attain victory. In the day of the battle, both fighters are shown to be even in terms of power, and they both hit each other with harsh blows.

Mukuro ends up getting a cut in his shoulder during the fight, and Hiei notices that he was holding back before. He then states that he was going easy on him before because he didn’t want to hurt him too much. As they continue fighting, Mukuro gets more and more injured (one of his ribs was broken), but still continues fighting as if nothing happened (the same way Hiei has always fought). At one point during this time frame, Hiei manages to break off Mukuro’s chains from his past life chain-wrapped around his body. This causes him to go berserk and attack with everything he has left, but it’s still not enough to win against Hiei.

This episode is a filler episode, because it doesn’t happen in the manga. It does however, take place in the anime during the Yu Yu Hakusho series.

The reason that this is a filler episode is because of the fact that it wasn’t in the manga (the story was created specifically for the anime). The creator of Yu Yu Hakusho wanted to add an extra twist to Mukuro’s character, and so he created a storyline for him that didn’t exist before (in his manga). The only events that actually happened in this episode were Hiei fighting Mukuro and breaking his chains from his past life. The rest of the episode was made up entirely by the anime writers.

In the end, Hiei defeats Mukuro and breaks his chains from his past. Mukuro isn’t able to recover from the damage Hiei caused him, and so he is left unable to fight.

One of the most interesting things about this episode is that it shows how much Hiei has changed over the course of the anime. At first, he was an evil guy who didn’t care about anyone but himself. But throughout the series, he grew closer to his friends, and became a better person because of them. He even started to care about other people outside of his group (such as Sensui), although it was mostly because of his mission to kill him. This episode showed that he had grown enough that he was willing to fight someone else’s battle for them, and risk getting hurt in order to help someone out (this is something even Kurama had trouble doing). It also showed how much power Hiei gained in the time it took for this episode to occur (he gained more power than any one else has in the series up until this point).

Episode 111: Closure

In this episode, the final round of the Makai tournament is held, with Yusuke and Yomi fighting for their respective positions as King.

After learning of his friends’ betrayal, Yusuke decides to fight against Yomi in the Makai Tournament. However, Yomi is too strong for him and would have defeated him if not for Hiei’s interruption and attempt at killing him. As such, Yusuke is knocked unconscious while Yomi is barely able to stand. The episode ends before deciding a winner.

The episode is a filler. The Makai Tournament is not a part of the main plot, and the episode can be skipped without losing anything from the overall story.

The events of this episode are covered in a later episode, 112, and therefore, the events of this episode are not relevant to the story.

Episode 114: All or Nothing

The episode starts with a group of high school students starting an investigation of an abandoned mannequin factory rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman. They split into two groups, with one group exploring the building while the other waits in their cars. Suddenly, a demon appears and begins to attack everybody. The first group flees, but is too scared to go back and help their friends. The second group goes back to try and help them, but they get scared off as well.

Meanwhile, Kurama was walking home with Hiei when they see Maya coming toward them. Hiei quickly hides behind Kurama so that he can’t be seen by Maya. Kurama sees her and stops her, asking her not to go home because his mother is sick and he has to stay home tonight. She hesitates for a moment before saying that she’ll go home then come back another night instead, so that Kurama won’t have to worry about his mother.

When she leaves, Hiei tells Kurama that he was worried about nothing since nothing happened. He says that there’s no proof that Yatsude is actually still alive since it had been seven years since he was last seen. He then tells Kurama that he’s never seen Hiei so concerned about someone before.

Later that night, Kurama is sitting in the park when Hiei shows up again to look for Yatsude. He tells Hiei that he’s already looked for him over ten times before but found nothing, and has no intention of looking for him again because it’s too hard. When Hiei sees how tired Kurama is, he decides to give up on looking for Yatsude and go home to get some rest as well.

This episode is filler because in the manga story line, there are no chapters/episodes which take place during this time period (which is covered in the anime). This is due to how quickly the anime series catches up with the manga series and skips over them (some episodes/chapters were skipped over). The story line of this episode had nothing important in it that wasn’t covered in previous episodes/chapters of Yu Yu Hakusho or would have been covered later on in later episodes/chapters of Yu Yu Hakusho, so it is filler.

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